Component- Oriented Development and Assembly

Component- Oriented Development and Assembly
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    Component- Oriented Development and Assembly: Paradigm, Principles, and Practice using Java
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    Piram Manickam, S. Sangeetha, S. V. Subrahmanya
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    1 edition
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    December 4, 2013
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    298 pages
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Book Description
Although industry has been leveraging the advancements of component-oriented development and assembly (CODA) technology for some time, there has long been a need for a book that provides a complete overview of the multiple technologies that support CODA. Filling this need, Component-Oriented Development and Assembly supplies comprehensive coverage of the principles, practice, and paradigm of component-oriented development and assembly.

The first part of the book provides the conceptual foundation for component-oriented software. Part II focuses on the various standard Java component models and describes how to develop a component-oriented system using these component models. Part III covers the various aspects of the component-oriented development paradigm.

Based on the authors’ research and teaching experience, the text focuses on the principles of component-oriented software development from a technical concepts perspective, designer’s perspective, programmer’s perspective, and manager’s perspective. Covering popular component development frameworks based on Java, it is suitable as a textbook for component-oriented software for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It is also an ideal reference for anyone looking to adopt the component-oriented development paradigm.

The book provides readers with access to all the source code used in the book on a companion site (http://www (dot) codabook (dot) com). The source code for the CODA implementation of the case study presented in Chapter 11 is also hosted on the website. The website will also serve as a technical forum for further discussions on the topic and for any updates to the book.


Part I Principles: Concepts in CODA
Chapter 1. Introduction to Component-Oriented Development and Assembly (CODA)
Chapter 2 Component Thinking in Java
Chapter 3 Component Models in Java

Part II Practice: Hands-On Using Java Component Models
Chapter 4. Component-Oriented Application Design and Architecture
Chapter 5. Practicing CODA with OSGi
Chapter 6. Practicing CODA with SCA
Chapter 7. Enterprise Component-Oriented Development and Assembly Using Java Platform, Enterprise Edition
Chapter 8. Enterprise Component-Oriented Development and Assembly Using the Spring Component Model
Chapter 9. Enterprise Component-Oriented Development and Assembly Using Enterprise OSGi

Part III Paradigm: Component Testing, Business Application Case Study, and Tools
Chapter 10. Testing Component-Oriented Software
Chapter 11. Implementing a Business Application Using CODA—A Case Study
Chapter 12. CODA Tools—A Fictitious Workbench

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