Audio Visualization Using ThMAD

Audio Visualization Using ThMAD

Book Description
Learn how to use Thinking Machine Audio Dreams (ThMAD), a realtime audio visualization engine for Ubuntu Linux. This book bridges the gap between programmers and artists. Both artists and developers with an inclination towards arts will profit from this book since it is a combination of a hands-on tutorial, manual, and reference, with many illustrations that accompany the explanations and tutorials.

You'll learn the basics of ThMAD's open source software suite and then start experimenting and building your own rendering pipelines to create audio visualizations. You'll see how to soundly use all ThMAD's GUI functionalities, and all modules are provided in a way that will serve both intellectual curiosity and professional needs. The examples that are used as part of the software, and the tutorials included in the book, will serve as a solid basis for your own experiments.

What You'll Learn
  • Use the ThMAD software, all GUI functionalities, and all modules
  • Develop your own audio visualization projects
  • Explore the program operations for ThMAD Artiste and ThMAD Player, including all possible options for controlling program operations.
Who This Book Is For
Visual artists with some IT background, or developers with artistic inclinations. Development experience is not required, but surely helpful.


Chapter 1: Sound Input
Chapter 2: Visualization Basics
Chapter 3: Program Operation
Chapter 4: 3D Concepts
Chapter 5: Stories: Basic Level
Chapter 6: Stories: Advanced Level
Chapter 7: ThMAD GUI Reference
Chapter 8: ThMAD Module Reference

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