Computer Networks and the Internet: A Hands-On Approach

Computer Networks and the Internet: A Hands-On Approach

Book Description
The goal of this textbook is to provide enough background into the inner workings of the Internet to allow a novice to understand how the various protocols on the Internet work together to accomplish simple tasks, such as a search. By building an Internet with all the various services a person uses every day, one will gain an appreciation not only of the work that goes on unseen, but also of the choices made by designers to make life easier for the user.

Each chapter consists of background information on a specific topic or Internet service, and where appropriate a final section on how to configure a Raspberry Pi to provide that service.

While mainly meant as an undergraduate textbook for a course on networking or Internet protocols and services, it can also be used by anyone interested in the Internet as a step–by–step guide to building one's own Intranet, or as a reference guide as to how things work on the global Internet


1. Introduction

Part I - The IP Network
2. The OSI Seven Layer Model
3. The Physical Layer
4. The Data Link Layer
5. The Network Layer
6. The OSI Upper Layers
7. Flow Control
8. Raspberry Pi Operating System
9. The Laboratory Network

Part II - The Router
10. Routing
11. The Router
12. Populating and Maintaining the Route Table

Part III - Dynamic Networks
13. Shortest Path Through the Network
14. Dynamic Host Configuration
15. Routing Protocols
16. Route Interchange Protocol
17. Open Shortest Path First
18. Service Provider Protocols
19. Babel

Part IV - Internet Services
20. Domain Name Service
21. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol: The Web
22. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol: Email
23. Other Services

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