Microsoft Word Secrets

Microsoft Word Secrets

Book Description
Get hints, useful tricks, and solutions to those annoying problems that plague users of Microsoft’s ever-popular word processing software. This book goes beyond a how-to guide. You will understand where some of Word’s odd behavior comes from, how underlying inheritance rules can affect your formatting, and how to understand and make use of the many hidden characters that Word uses to control the text. By the end of the book, you’ll be able to fly through your Word processing without the usual headaches.

What You'll Learn
  • Understand why you should care about hidden characters, and how they can save you time and headaches
  • Use templates effectively, and produce your own templates
  • Employ fast desktop publishing techniques to produce a polished final document
  • Generate a table of contents and index
  • Fix those pesky tables forever!
Who This Book Is For
Everyone who uses Microsoft Word and has encountered difficulties and felt frustrated and slowed down


Chapter 1: Brief Introduction to Word and File Extensions
Chapter 2: Hidden Characters, Inheritance, and Paragraph Formatting
Chapter 3: Character Attributes
Chapter 4: Select, Find, and Replace Text Characters
Chapter 5: Quick Document Formatting with Styles
Chapter 6: Using Recommended Styles
Chapter 7: Using Heading Styles
Chapter 8: Page Formatting
Chapter 9: Section Breaks
Chapter 10: Formatting Tables
Chapter 11: Creating and Using Templates
Chapter 12: Master and Subdocuments

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