Many-Core Computing: Hardware and software

Many-Core Computing: Hardware and software
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    Many-Core Computing: Hardware and software
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    Bashir M. Al-Hashimi, Geoff V. Merrett
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    July 26, 2019
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    600 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
Computing has moved away from a focus on performance-centric serial computation, instead towards energy-efficient parallel computation. This provides continued performance increases without increasing clock frequencies, and overcomes the thermal and power limitations of the dark-silicon era. As the number of parallel cores increases, we transition into the many-core computing era. There is considerable interest in developing methods, tools, architectures and applications to support many-core computing.
The primary aim of this edited book is to provide a timely and coherent account of the recent advances in many-core computing research. Starting with programming models, operating systems and their applications; the authors present runtime management techniques, followed by system modelling, verification and testing methods, and architectures and systems. The book ends with some examples of innovative applications.


Part I - Programming models, OS and applications
1. HPC with many core processors
2. Fromirregular heterogeneous software to reconfigurable hardware
3. Operating systems for many-core systems
4. Decoupling the programming model from resource management in throughput processors
5. Tools and workloads for many-core computing
6. Hardware and software performance in deep learning

Part II - Runtime management
7. Adaptive–reflective middleware for power and energy management in many-core heterogeneous systems
8. Advances in power management of many-core processors
9. Runtime thermal management of many-core systems
10. Adaptive packet processing on CPU–GPU heterogeneous platforms
11. From power-efficient to power-driven computing

Part III - System modelling, verification, and testing
12. Modelling many-core architectures
13. Power modelling of multicore systems
14. Developing portable embedded software for multicore systems through formal abstraction and refinement
15. Self-testing of multicore processors
16. Advances in hardware reliability of reconfigurable many-core embedded systems

Part IV - Architectures and systems
17. Manycore processor architectures
18. Silicon photonics enabled rack-scale many-core systems
19. Cognitive I/O for 3D-integrated many-core system
20. Approximate computing across the hardware and software stacks
21. Many-core systems for big-data computing
22. Biologically-inspired massively-parallel computing

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