Using Social Media for Global Security

Using Social Media for Global Security

Book Description
Essential reading for cybersecurity professionals, security analysts, policy experts, decision-makers, activists, and law enforcement!
During the Arab Spring movements, the world witnessed the power of social media to dramatically shape events. Now this timely book shows government decision-makers, security analysts, and activists how to use the social world to improve security locally, nationally, and globally--and cost-effectively. Authored by two technology/behavior/security professionals, Using Social Media for Global Security offers pages of instruction and detail on cutting-edge social media technologies, analyzing social media data, and building crowdsourcing platforms.
The book teaches how to collect social media data and analyze it to map the social networks of terrorists and sex traffickers, and forecast attacks and famines. You will learn how to coalesce communities through social media to help catch murderers, coordinate disaster relief, and collect intelligence about drug smuggling from hard-to-reach areas. Also highlighting dramatic case studies drawn from the headlines, this crucial book is a must-read.
  • Illustrates linguistic, correlative, and network analysis of OSINT
  • Examines using crowdsourcing technologies to work and engage with populations globally to solve security problems
  • Explores how to ethically deal with social media data without compromising people’s rights to privacy and freedom of expression
  • Shows activists fighting against oppressive regimes how they can protect their identities online
If you're responsible for maintaining local, national or global security, you'll want to read Using Social Media for Global Security.


Part I - Understanding the Influence of Social Media Globally
Chapter 1. Understanding Social Media’s Impact on Global Security
Chapter 2. Understanding Global Social Media Use

Part II - Analyzing Social Media Data to Solve Security Problems
Chapter 3. Introduction to Social Media Analytics
Chapter 4. Collecting and Managing Social Media Data
Chapter 5. Mapping and Analyzing Social Networks
Chapter 6. Understanding and Forecasting Events

Part III - Crowdsourcing Intelligence, Solutions, and Influence
Chapter 7. Introduction to Crowdsourcing
Chapter 8. Building and Running Crowdsourcing Platforms
Chapter 9. Crowdsourcing Intelligence
Chapter 10. Crowdsourcing Solutions
Chapter 11. Influencing Crowds

Part IV - Broadening Your Horizon
Chapter 12. Advanced and Emerging Analytical Methodologies
Chapter 13. Delivering Services through Crowdsourcing
Chapter 14. Protecting Privacy and Yourself

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