Exploring Java 9: Build Modularized Applications in Java

Exploring Java 9: Build Modularized Applications in Java

Book Description
Discover all the new features and changes in Java 9, including module systems―JPMS or Project Jigsaw. This book covers the whole Java application development life cycle. You'll review all the important concepts, including module descriptor, unnamed module, automatic module, and command line tools. 

Exploring Java 9 also serves as a practical guide for migration to module systems. Code samples from real-world scenarios solidify a foundation for learning and development and allow you to apply best practices in actual development. 

Additionally, you'll learn about concurrency, ECMAScript 6 features in Nashorn and Parser API, stack-walking API, Stream and Optional, utilities classes, and I/O. And it’s now possible to build modularized applications in Java. You'll see how JPMS affects not only the JDK itself, but also applications that are developed upon it. 

What You'll Learn
• Build modularized applications in Java 
• Migrate to module systems 
• Master enhanced method handles 

Who This Book Is For
Java developers with basic development skills


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Module System
Chapter 3: jshell
Chapter 4: Collections, Stream, and Optional
Chapter 5: The Process API
Chapter 6: The Platform Logging API and Service
Chapter 7: Reactive Streams
Chapter 8: Variable Handles
Chapter 9: Enhanced Method Handles
Chapter 10: Concurrency
Chapter 11: Nashorn
Chapter 12: I/O
Chapter 13: Security
Chapter 14: User Interface
Chapter 15: JVM
Chapter 16: Miscellaneous

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