Exploring Swift Playgrounds

Exploring Swift Playgrounds

Book Description
Learn how to build playgrounds so you can test your code, syntax, and ideas quickly. You can even learn from playgrounds built by others or build playgrounds to teach. And the playgrounds you build and use on your Mac and on your iPad are automatically shared using your Apple ID.  
Exploring Swift Playgrounds shows you how to use playgrounds to try out your basic app design ideas to see what they look like and how they behave. It doesn't matter if you can't remember a pesky little bit of syntax. Rather than look it up, you can try it out in a playground. More and more of the APIs are now available through playgrounds, so that you can do more than ever before. 

Going beyond print, the Swift Playgrounds book tool allows for immersive experiences for users learning code, organization processes, and anything else that can be described in the rich (and free) authoring tools provided by Apple. All of which you can learn how to use in Exploring Swift Playgrounds.

What You'll Learn:
  • Build Swift playgrounds for others to use
  • Teach yourself and others with Swift playgrounds
  • Use Swift playgrounds in your development process
Who This Book Is For:
Students with no prior coding knowledge and experienced developers.


Chapter 1: Introducing Swift Playgrounds
Chapter 2: Creating a Simple Swift Playground on Xcode
Chapter 3: Looking at Swift Basics for Playgrounds
Chapter 4: Editing Playgrounds on macOS
Chapter 5: Editing Playgrounds on iOS
Chapter 6: Entering Data and Viewing Results in Swift Playgrounds
Chapter 7: Adding Resources and Source Code to Playgrounds
Chapter 8: Using Touch Gestures in Interactive Playgrounds
Chapter 9: Building a Complex Playground

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