Cloud Storage Forensics

Cloud Storage Forensics

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To reduce the risk of digital forensic evidence being called into question in judicial proceedings, it is important to have a rigorous methodology and set of procedures for conducting digital forensic investigations and examinations. Digital forensic investigation in the cloud computing environment, however, is in infancy due to the comparatively recent prevalence of cloud computing.
Cloud Storage Forensics presents the first evidence-based cloud forensic framework. Using three popular cloud storage services and one private cloud storage service as case studies, the authors show you how their framework can be used to undertake research into the data remnants on both cloud storage servers and client devices when a user undertakes a variety of methods to store, upload, and access data in the cloud. By determining the data remnants on client devices, you gain a better understanding of the types of terrestrial artifacts that are likely to remain at the Identification stage of an investigation. Once it is determined that a cloud storage service account has potential evidence of relevance to an investigation, you can communicate this to legal liaison points within service providers to enable them to respond and secure evidence in a timely manner.


CHAPTER 1. Introduction
CHAPTER 2. Cloud Storage Forensic Framework
CHAPTER 3. Microsoft SkyDrive Cloud Storage Forensic Analysis
CHAPTER 4. Dropbox Analysis: Data Remnants on User Machines
CHAPTER 5. Google Drive: Forensic Analysis of Cloud Storage Data Remnants
CHAPTER 6. Open Source Cloud Storage Forensics: ownCloud as a Case Study
CHAPTER 7. Forensic Collection of Cloud Storage dаta: Does the Act of Collection Result in Changes to the Data or its Metadata?
CHAPTER 8. Conclusion and Future Work

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