Creating Web Pages All-in-One For Dummies

Creating Web Pages All-in-One For Dummies
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    Creating Web Pages All-in-One For Dummies
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    Richard Wagner
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    4 edition
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    February 8, 2011
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    648 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
Learn all the core tools needed to create Web pages
Businesses, special-interest groups, families, and individuals are all relying on Web sites to communicate. This all-in-one guide offers one-stop shopping for all the information you need to put together powerful Web pages to get your point across and keep visitors coming back. Nine individual minibooks cover best design practices, online tools, Microsoft Expression Web, Dreamweaver, cascading style sheets, HTML and XHTML, graphics and multimedia, scripting, and Flash, arming you to create professional-looking pages.
  • Knowing how to build an effective Web site is important to businesses, groups, and even individuals today; this guide teaches how to use all the basic Web page tools
  • Explains what goes into a well-designed page and how to use available online tools such as Google Page Builder and Blogger as well as Microsoft's popular Expression Web tool, Dreamweaver, and CSS
  • Covers the core language behind Web sites, using graphics and multimedia, jаvascript, and Flash
Creating Web Pages All-in-One For Dummies prepares anyone to build Web pages that get attention.


Book I: Establish a Web Presence
Chapter 1: Getting Up and Running
Chapter 2: WordPress
Chapter 3: Squarespace
Chapter 4: Connecting Your Site to the Social Web
Chapter 5: Analyzing Your Web-Site Traffi c with Google Analytics

Book II: Web Design
Chapter 1: Best Practices in Web Design
Chapter 2: Organizing and Navigating Your Web Site
Chapter 3: Designing for Mobile Visitors

Chapter 1: Exploring HTML and XHTML Documents
Chapter 2: Working with Text and Links
Chapter 3: Presenting Information with Lists and Tables
Chapter 4: Adding Images
Chapter 5: Divvying Up the Page with divs
Chapter 6: Creating Forms
Chapter 7: HTML5 Video and Audio

Book IV: Style with CSS
Chapter 1: Styling Your Web Pages with Cascading Style Sheets
Chapter 2: Selectively Speaking: Working with Selectors
Chapter 3: Formatting Text
Chapter 4: The Gang of Four: Formatting Box Properties
Chapter 5: Positioning with CSS

Book V: jаvascript and Ajax
Chapter 1: Understanding How Scripting Works
Chapter 2: Programming in jаvascript
Chapter 3: jаvascript Libraries and Frameworks
Chapter 4: Understanding the Document Object Model
Chapter 5: Adding Event Handlers to Your Web Page
Chapter 6: Useful Things to Know When Scripting
Chapter 7: Introducing Ajax

Book VI: Graphics
Chapter 1: Understanding Web Graphics
Chapter 2: Optimizing Your Graphics
Chapter 3: Image Rollovers

Book VII: Microsoft Expression Web
Chapter 1: Getting to Know Microsoft Expression Web
Chapter 2: Express Yourself: Creating Your First Site with Expression Web
Chapter 3: Working with Text, Graphics, and Links
Chapter 4: Laying Out Your Page with Expression Web
Chapter 5: “Been There, Formatted That” with Dynamic Web Templates

Book VIII: Adobe Dreamweaver
Chapter 1: Getting to Know Dreamweaver
Chapter 2: Nuts and Bolts: Creating Your First Dreamweaver Web Site
Chapter 3: Formatting and Layout Basics
Chapter 4: Enhanced Page Elements: Flash Controls and Spry Widgets
Chapter 5: Forms Follow Function
Chapter 6: Working with CSS
Chapter 7: When DWT Calls: Using Templates for a Consistent Look
Chapter 8: Think Outside the Page: Managing Your Web Site

Book IX: Adobe Flash
Chapter 1: Getting to Know Adobe Flash
Chapter 2: Working with the Stage and Layers
Chapter 3: Working with Symbols
Chapter 4: Making Movies
Chapter 5: Publishing Your Movie

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