The Illustrated Network: How TCP/IP Works in a Modern Network

The Illustrated Network: How TCP/IP Works in a Modern Network

Book Description
In 1994, W. Richard Stevens and Addison-Wesley published a networking classic: TCP/IP Illustrated. The model for that book was a brilliant, unfettered approach to networking concepts that has proven itself over time to be popular with readers of beginning to intermediate networking knowledge. The Illustrated Network takes this time-honored approach and modernizes it by creating not only a much larger and more complicated network, but also by incorporating all the networking advancements that have taken place since the mid-1990s, which are many.

This book takes the popular Stevens approach and modernizes it, employing 2008 equipment, operating systems, and router vendors. It presents an ?illustrated? explanation of how TCP/IP works with consistent examples from a real, working network configuration that includes servers, routers, and workstations. Diagnostic traces allow the reader to follow the discussion with unprecedented clarity and precision. True to the title of the book, there are 330+ diagrams and screen shots, as well as topology diagrams and a unique repeating chapter opening diagram. Illustrations are also used as end-of-chapter questions. A complete and modern network was assembled to write this book, with all the material coming from real objects connected and running on the network, not assumptions. Presents a real world networking scenario the way the reader sees them in a device-agnostic world. Doesn't preach one platform or the other.


PART I - Networking Basics
CHAPTER 1. Protocols and Layers
CHAPTER 2. TCP/IP Protocols and Devices
CHAPTER 3. Network Link Technologies

Part II - Core Protocols
CHAPTER 4. IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing
CHAPTER 5. Address Resolution Protocol
CHAPTER 6. IPv4 and IPv6 Headers
CHAPTER 7. Internet Control Message Protocol
CHAPTER 8. Routing
CHAPTER 9. Forwarding IP Packets
CHAPTER 10. User Datagram Protocol
CHAPTER 11. Transmission Control Protocol
CHAPTER 12. Multiplexing and Sockets

Part III - Routing and Routing Protocols
CHAPTER 13. Routing and Peering
CHAPTER 15. Border Gateway Protocol
CHAPTER 16. Multicast
CHAPTER 17. MPLS and IP Switching

Part IV - Application Level
CHAPTER 18. Dynamic Host Confi guration Protocol
CHAPTER 19. The Domain Name System
CHAPTER 20. File Transfer Protocol
CHAPTER 21. SMTP and Email
CHAPTER 22. Hypertext Transfer Protocol
CHAPTER 23. Securing Sockets with SSL

Part V - Network Management
CHAPTER 24. Simple Network Management Protocol

Part VI - Security
CHAPTER 25. Secure Shell (Remote Access)
CHAPTER 26. MPLS-Based Virtual Private Networks
CHAPTER 27. Network Address Translation
CHAPTER 28. Firewalls
CHAPTER 29. IP Security

Part VII - Media
CHAPTER 30. Voice over Internet Protocol

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