Programming in C++: Object Oriented Features

Programming in C++: Object Oriented Features

Book Description
The book presents an up-to-date overview of C++ programming with object-oriented programming concepts, with a wide coverage of classes, objects, inheritance, constructors, and polymorphism. Selection statements, looping, arrays, strings, function sorting and searching algorithms are discussed. With abundant practical examples, the book is an essential reference for researchers, students, and professionals in programming.


1. Introduction to Computers and Programming
2. Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming and C++
3. Programming Basics
4. Operators and Expressions
5. Selection Statements
6. Looping Statements
7. Arrays
8. Strings and Pointers
9. Searching and Sorting
10. Functions
11. Structures and Unions
12. Exception Handling
13. Basic I/O and File Handling
14. Classes and Objects
15. Constructors and Destructors
16. Inheritance
17. Polymorphism
18. Templates

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