Wireless Edge Caching: Modeling, Analysis, and Optimization

Wireless Edge Caching: Modeling, Analysis, and Optimization
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    Wireless Edge Caching: Modeling, Analysis, and Optimization
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    Thang X. Vu, Ejder Baştuğ, Symeon Chatzinotas, Tony Q. S. Quek
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    December 31, 2020
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    464 pages
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Book Description
Understand both uncoded and coded caching techniques in future wireless network design. Expert authors present new techniques that will help you to improve backhaul, load minimization, deployment cost reduction, security, energy efficiency and the quality of the user experience. Covering topics from high-level architectures to specific requirement-oriented caching design and analysis, including big-data enabled caching, caching in cloud-assisted 5G networks, and security, this is an essential resource for academic researchers, postgraduate students and engineers working in wireless communications.


1. Introduction

Part I - Optimal Cache Placement and Delivery
2. Coded Caching for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
3. Wireless Device-to-Device Caching Networks
4. Cooperative Caching in Cloud-Assisted 5G Wireless Networks
5. Stochastic Caching Schemes in Large Wireless Networks
6. Joint Policies for Caching, Routing, and Channel Selection in Next-Generation Wireless Edge Systems

Part II - Proactive Caching
7. Learning Popularity for Proactive Caching in Cellular Networks
8. Wireless Edge Caching for Mobile Social Networks
9. A Proactive and Big Data–Enabled Caching Analysis Perspective
10. Mobility-Aware Caching in Cellular Networks

Part III - Cache-Aided Interference and Physical Layer Management
11. Cache-Enabled Cloud Radio Access Networks
12. Fundamentals of Coded Caching for Interference Management
13. Full-Duplex Radios for Edge Caching
14. Caching in Mobile Millimeter Wave: Sub-6 GHz Networks

Part IV - Energy-Efficiency, Security, Economic, and Deployment
15. Energy-Efficient Deployment in Wireless Edge Caching
16. Cache-Enabled UAVs in Wireless Networks
17. Physical Layer Security for Edge Caching Wireless Networks
18. Mobile VR Edge Delivery: Computing, Caching, and Communication Trade-Offs
19. Economic Ecosystems in Elastic Wireless Edge Caching

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