XML Basics

XML Basics

Book Description
This book focuses on standards that are relevant to almost all developers working with XML. We investigate XML technologies that span a wide range of XML applications, not those that are relevant only within a few restricted domains. XML is not a programming language. It is a markup language; but it is successfully used by many programmers. The book also covers generic supporting technologies that have been layered on top of XML and are used across a wide range of XML applications. These technologies include XLinks, XSLT, Namespaces, Schemas, XHTML, RDDL, XPointers, XPath, SAX, and DOM.

  • Includes XML standards including syntax, DTD, CSS stle sheets, etc.
  • Covers generic supporting technologies that have been layered on top of XML, such as XLinks, XSLI, Namespaces, Schemas, XHTML, and others
  • Numerous code samples show exactly how XML is used in myriad applications


Chapter 1: Understanding XML
Chapter 2: XML Syntax
Chapter 3: Document Type Definition (DTD)
Chapter 4: Namespaces
Chapter 5: Introduction to XHTML
Chapter 6: CSS Style Sheets
Chapter 7: XML Schema Basics
Chapter 8: XSL Basics
Chapter 9: XSLT Basics
Chapter 10: SOAP
Chapter 11: DOM Programming Interface
Chapter 12: SAX (Simple API for XML)
Chapter 13: XPath
Chapter 14: XLink, XQuery, and XPointer
Chapter 15: XForms
Chapter 16: XSL-FO
Chapter 17: XML with Databases
Chapter 18: Web Services

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