Guitar Intervals Unleashed: The "NANDI" Method

Guitar Intervals Unleashed: The "NANDI" Method
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    Guitar Intervals Unleashed: The "NANDI" Method: A Visual Interval Training Method
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    Nan Mogar, Daniel Faulkner, Branislav Gapic, Niki Mogar, Ala Lockhart
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    June 28, 2019
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    164 pages
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Book Description
Is your knowledge of intervals, chords and scales based only on memorized shapes and patterns?
Would you like to have the ability to visualize any interval from any note on the guitar without memorization?
Finally! A book that demystifies the logic of the fretboard to help you understand how intervals and notes are arranged on the guitar
A novel visual interval training method for the guitar to name, locate, plot, decode, alter, and invert intervals
Ideal for students of all skill levels from beginners who want to learn how to locate intervals on different string sets, to advanced players with years of training who struggle with visualizing intervals
  • Learn the only available method that teaches you where and why an interval is located so you do not have to memorize their locations
  • A first of its kind interval training method with an accompanying soon to be released mobile app to help practice the concepts explored in this book
  • The complex interval matrix on the guitar finally demystified and decoded
  • Practical theory on intervals that can be directly applied to the guitar
  • Use simple algorithms to derive an interval’s exact fret location
  • Interval and Inversion patterns revealed for the first time!
  • No music notation knowledge necessary
  • No interval shapes or fret locations to memorize
  • Acquire a solid foundation in intervals without even picking up the guitar
  • Practice on paper and apply your knowledge to your playing
Visualize intervals
  • Mnemonic devices and dozens of fret diagrams to help you get a clear picture of how intervals are arranged on the guitar
  • Natural note intervals and interval inversions illustrated using keyboard diagrams
  • Tables in place of lengthy written text to help you internalize key concepts more effectively
Explore the the primary interval pattern, the Fourth and its many uses
  • Identify notes and intervals across two consecutive frets using fourths
  • Recall the seven notes in a scale without using the half-step/whole-step scale formula
  • Instantly recall the sharp or flat notes in a key without referring to the Circle of Fifths diagram
  • Uncover a new pattern within the Fourth which will be useful while skipping strings to locate notes and intervals
Discover the secondary interval pattern on the guitar
  • Effectively use the Fifth pattern to identify notes and intervals between the low E and the high E strings
  • Exposed! a new interval pattern within the Fifth to help you navigate in either direction across strings
  • Shortcuts to locate octaves on higher and lower fret locations on different string sets
Utilize intervallic relationships between open string notes to:
  • Identify notes and intervals on the same fret on adjacent and non-adjacent strings
  • Instantly recall fret distances in either direction to find an identical note on a non- adjacent string without referencing the note’s memorized fret location
  • Locate symmetrical interval inversions on the guitar on different string sets
CAGED system
  • Connect CAGED roots and shapes
  • Locate and identify all intervals within the 5 CAGED shapes without referencing the intervals within scale patterns and chord shapes
  • Identify and explore interval inversion boxes within CAGED shapes
  • Identify and explore interval inversion boxes within CAGED shapes
    All concepts covered in this book will provide you with the necessary tools and strategies to master intervals and effectively navigate the interval fretboard.


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