Scratch Music Projects

Scratch Music Projects

Book Description
In this practical, project-based book, music students, educators, and coders receive the necessary tools to engage with real-world experiences in computation and creativity using the programming language Scratch. Designed to teach students the fundamental concepts of computational thinking through interactive music, sound, and media, projects vary in complexity and encourage readers to make music through playing and creating music.

This book introduces readers to concepts in computational thinking and coding alongside parallel concepts in music, creative sound, and interaction. The book begins with a gentle introduction to the Scratch 3.0 programming environment through hands-on projects using a computer keyboard and mouse to make music and control sounds, creating original sounds, and performing them as an instrument. The next chapters introduce programming musical sequences, melodies, and structures, and assembling them into a virtual band that can be performed live or automated through algorithms. The final chapters explore computational thinking and music in the contexts of making games with sound effects, teaching the computer to generate music using algorithms and rules, interacting with music using live video, finishing with a chapter on musical live coding, where readers will create and manipulate computer code to perform, improvise, and create original music live.


1. Getting Started with Scratch
2. A Musical Keyboard
3. A Mouse Theremin
4. Making Your Own Sounds
5. Design Your Own Instrument
6. Musical Riffs
7. Musical Expression
8. Building the Band: Rhythm Guitar and Keyboard
9. Building the Band: Drums and Bass
10. Conducting the Arrangement
11. Making Games with Sound Effects
12. Generative Music
13. Video Interaction
14. Live Coding

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