Professional Android, 4th Edition

Professional Android, 4th Edition

Book Description
The comprehensive developer guide to the latest Android features and capabilities
Professional Android, 4th Edition shows developers how to leverage the latest features of Android to create robust and compelling mobile apps. This hands-on approach provides in-depth coverage through a series of projects, each introducing a new Android platform feature and highlighting the techniques and best practices that exploit its utmost functionality. The exercises begin simply, and gradually build into advanced Android development. Clear, concise examples show you how to quickly construct real-world mobile applications.
This book is your guide to smart, efficient, effective Android development.
  • Learn the best practices that get more out of Android
  • Understand the anatomy, lifecycle, and UI metaphor of Android apps
  • Design for all mobile platforms, including tablets
  • Utilize both the Android framework and Google Play services


CHAPTER 1. Hello, Android
CHAPTER 2. Getting Started
CHAPTER 3. Applications and Activities and Fragments, Oh My!
CHAPTER 4. Defining the Android Manifest and Gradle Build Files, and Externalizing Resources
CHAPTER 5. Building User Interfaces
CHAPTER 6. Intents and Broadcast Receivers
CHAPTER 7. Using Internet Resources
CHAPTER 8. Files, Saving State, and User Preferences
CHAPTER 9. Creating and Using Databases
CHAPTER 10. Content Providers and Search
CHAPTER 11. Working in the Background
CHAPTER 12. Implementing the Android Design Philosophy
CHAPTER 13. Implementing a Modern Android User Experience
CHAPTER 14. Advanced Customization of Your User Interface
CHAPTER 15. Location, Contextual Awareness, and Mapping
CHAPTER 16. Hardware Sensors
CHAPTER 17. Audio, Video, and Using the Camera
CHAPTER 18. Communicating with Bluetooth, NFC, and Wi-Fi Peer-to-Peer
CHAPTER 19. Invading the Home Screen
CHAPTER 20. Advanced Android Development
CHAPTER 21. Releasing, Distributing, and Monitoring Applications

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