Microservices: A Practical Guide: Principles, Concepts, and Recipes, 2nd Edition

Microservices: A Practical Guide: Principles, Concepts, and Recipes, 2nd Edition
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    Microservices: A Practical Guide: Principles, Concepts, and Recipes, 2nd Edition
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    Eberhard Wolff
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    2 edition
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    December 2019
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    336 Pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
You’ve decided to use microservices in your next project—now what? Microservices: A Practical Guide is a cookbook of immediately useful techniques you can customize for your project’s unique requirements. Get hands-on with the tools and technologies you need to build robust, production-ready, scalable microservices applications.
The microservices design separates applications built with tightly coupled components into a system of independent, single-responsibility services that you can write and maintain individually. Building microservices-based applications presents some new design and implementation challenges, especially in the area of messaging, transactions, and state. The payoff can be big, though. This approach makes it easier to share work between teams and quicker to bring software to production.
In Microservices: A Practical Guide, architecture expert Eberhard Wolff starts by introducing microservices, self-contained systems, and the migration to microservices architecture. You’ll then move on to cookbook-style recipes that answer the most common challenges and operations of implementing microservices, including client-side and server-side frontend integration, asynchronous microservices, synchronous systems, and utilizing microservices platforms such as Kubernetes, Istio, and Cloud Foundry. Each recipe is fully illustrated with demo code and suggested variations that make them easy to adapt to your needs. By the time you’re done, you’ll have the skills to start implementing microservices architecture and a handy guide to consult as you work.
What’s inside
  • Migrating to microservices
  • Frontend Integration with jаvascript and Edge Side Includes
  • Asynchronous microservices with Apache Kafka or REST/Atom
  • Synchronous microservices with the Netflix Stack or Consul
  • Microservice platforms: Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, or Istio
  • Monitoring with Prometheus
  • Log Analysis with Elasticsearch and Kibana
  • Tracing with Zipkin


0. Introduction

Part I: Principles of Microservices
1. Microservices
2. Micro and Macro Architecture
3. Migration

Part II: Technology Stacks
4. Docker
5. Technical Micro Architecture
6. Self-contained Systems
7. Concept: Frontend Integration
8. Recipe: Links and Client-side Integration
9. Recipe: Server-side Integration using Edge Side Includes (ESI)
10. Concept: Asynchronous Microservices
11. Recipe: Messaging and Kafka
12. Recipe: Asynchronous Communication with Atom and REST
13. Concept: Synchronous Microservices
14. Recipe: REST with the Netflix Stack
15. Recipe: REST with Consul and Apache httpd
16. Concept: Microservices Platforms
17. Recipe: Docker Containers with Kubernetes
18. Recipe: PaaS with Cloud Foundry

Part III: Operation
19. Concept: Operation
20. Recipe: Monitoring with Prometheus
21. Recipe: Log Analysis with the Elastic Stack
22. Recipe: Tracing with Zipkin
23. Recipe: Service Mesh Istio
24. And Now What?

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