21 Difficult Conversations

21 Difficult Conversations
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    21 Difficult Conversations: Tools To Navigate Your Most Important Talk And Master Exactly What to Say
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    Dr. Latha Vijaybaskar
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    January 15, 2019
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    183 pages
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Book Description
What conversations do you find difficult?
The answer might be different for each of us, but let’s face it. We've all experienced difficult conversations.
And what is a difficult conversation?

If the conversation is emotional, high stakes, or challenging for at least one of the
people involved, then it is difficult.

Some are planned, and we dread the path, while some are spontaneous and catch us by surprise. You might be the initiator of a difficult conversation or the receiver.

In her book, Dr. Latha Vijaybaskar helps you navigate 21 such difficult conversations. From saying a no, giving feedback, delivering bad news, turning debates to dialogues, to going back to an old, hurtful incidents and dealing with irrational and sometimes insensitive talk, this book is filled with life affirming primers. The most exciting part of the book is the “‘exactly what to say’” section, weaving together the conceptual and the anecdotal with the practical and commonsensical.

You’ll learn to:
1. Live fully and not skirt around the perimeter of relationships.
2. Talk your differences and not avoid relationships because of a few small errors.
3. Say no and not feel bad, say sorry and smile, speak from the heart and be
4. Connect with customers, colleagues, and friends at a far deeper level.
Let’s change the conversation!


Conversation 1: The Most Difficult First Step
Conversation 2: Suspense Is For Thrillers Only
Conversation 3: The Dreaded NO
Conversation 4: Giving Feedback
Conversation 5: Arguments and Debates to Dialogues
Conversation 6: The Perfect Sorry
Conversation 7: How to Ask For A Raise and Other Such Conversations
Conversation 8: The Loquacious One
Conversation 9: Stay in The Game, Liste n
Conversation 10: You Are What You Ask
Conversation 11: Emotional Outbursts, Temper, and Foul Language
Conversation 12: Delivering Bad News
Conversation 13: The Undiscussables— Responding To Personal Probes
Conversation 14: Ruminations—The Hurtful Mental Reruns
Conversation 15: The Chilling Silence
Conversation 16: The Art of Talk in the Digitally Distracted World
Conversation 17: Manager’s Everyday Tough Talks
Conversation 18: Dealing the Blame Game
Conversation 19: Battle of Intentions and Influence
Conversation 20: Leadership Conversations
Conversation 21: The Outliers—When Conversations Are Not Enough

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