Approximation Methods in Science and Engineering

Approximation Methods in Science and Engineering
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    Approximation Methods in Science and Engineering
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    Reza N. Jazar
  • Edition:
    1st ed. 2020 Edition
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    March 14, 2020
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    553 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
Approximation Methods in Engineering and Science covers fundamental and advanced topics in three areas: Dimensional Analysis, Continued Fractions, and Stability Analysis of the Mathieu Differential Equation. Throughout the book, a strong emphasis is given to concepts and methods used in everyday calculations. Dimensional analysis is a crucial need for every engineer and scientist to be able to do experiments on scaled models and use the results in real world applications. Knowing that most nonlinear equations have no analytic solution, the power series solution is assumed to be the first approach to derive an approximate solution. However, this book will show the advantages of continued fractions and provides a systematic method to develop better approximate solutions in continued fractions. It also shows the importance of determining stability chart of the Mathieu equation and reviews and compares several approximate methods for that. The book provides the energy-rate method to study the stability of parametric differential equations that generates much better approximate solutions.


Part I - Dimensional Analysis
1. Static Dimensional Analysis
2. Dynamic Dimensional Analysis

Part II - Continued Fractions
3. Numerical Continued Fractions
4. Functional Continued Fractions

Part III - Approximation Tools
5. Mathieu Equation
6. Energy-Rate Method

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