Handbook of Game-Based Learning

Handbook of Game-Based Learning

Book Description
A comprehensive introduction to the latest research and theory on learning and instruction with computer games.
This book offers a comprehensive introduction to the latest research on learning and instruction with computer games. Unlike other books on the topic, which emphasize game development or best practices, Handbook of Game-Based Learning is based on empirical findings and grounded in psychological and learning sciences theory. The contributors, all leading researchers in the field, offer a range of perspectives, including cognitive, motivational, affective, and sociocultural. They explore research on whether (and how) computer games can help students learn educational content and academic skills; which game features (including feedback, incentives, adaptivity, narrative theme, and game mechanics) can improve the instructional effectiveness of these games; and applications, including games for learning in STEM disciplines, for training cognitive skills, for workforce learning, and for assessment.

The Handbook offers an indispensable reference both for readers with practical interests in designing or selecting effective game-based learning environments and for scholars who conduct or evaluate research in the field. It can also be used in courses related to play, cognition, motivation, affect, instruction, and technology.


I - Introduction to Game-Based Learning
1. Theoretical Foundations of Game-Based and Playful Learning
2. Games as Playful Learning: Implications of Developmental Theory for Game-Based Learning
3. Types of Engagement in Learning with Games

II - Theoretical Foundations of Game-Based Learning
4. Cognitive Foundations of Game-Based Learning
5. Emotional Foundations of Game-Based Learning
6. Motivational Foundations of Game-Based Learning
7. Sociocultural Foundations of Game-Based Learning

III - Design Foundations of Game-Based Learning
8. Instructional Support, Feedback, and Coaching in Game-Based Learning
9. Self-Regulation and Reflection during Game-Based Learning
10. Adaptivity and Personalization in Game-Based Learning
11. Narrative in Game-Based Learning
12. Multimedia Design Principles in Game-Based Learning
13. Collaboration and Competition in Game-Based Learning
14. Emerging Design Factors in Game-Based Learning: Emotional Design, Musical Score, and Game Mechanics Design
15. Emerging Design Factors in Game-Based Learning: Incentives, Social Presence, and Identity Design

IV - Applications of Game-Based Learning
16. Game-Based Learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
17. Digital Games as Language-Learning Environments
18. Games for Enhancing Cognitive Abilities
19. Games for Workforce Learning and Performance
20. Games for Assessment
21. Learning Analytics for Games

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