Advanced Machine Vision Paradigms for Medical Image Analysis

Advanced Machine Vision Paradigms for Medical Image Analysis

Book Description
Computer vision and machine intelligence paradigms are prominent in the domain of medical image applications, including computer assisted diagnosis, image guided radiation therapy, landmark detection, imaging genomics, and brain connectomics. Medical image analysis and understanding are daunting tasks owing to the massive influx of multi-modal medical image data generated during routine clinal practice. Advanced computer vision and machine intelligence approaches have been employed in recent years in the field of image processing and computer vision. However, due to the unstructured nature of medical imaging data and the volume of data produced during routine clinical processes, the applicability of these meta-heuristic algorithms remains to be investigated.
Advanced Machine Vision Paradigms for Medical Image Analysis presents an overview of how medical imaging data can be analyzed to provide better diagnosis and treatment of disease. Computer vision techniques can explore texture, shape, contour and prior knowledge along with contextual information, from image sequence and 3D/4D information which helps with better human understanding. Many powerful tools have been developed through image segmentation, machine learning, pattern classification, tracking, and reconstruction to surface much needed quantitative information not easily available through the analysis of trained human specialists. The aim of the book is for medical imaging professionals to acquire and interpret the data, and for computer vision professionals to learn how to provide enhanced medical information by using computer vision techniques. The ultimate objective is to benefit patients without adding to already high healthcare costs.


CHAPTER 1. An introductory illustration of medical image analysis
CHAPTER 2. Computer-aided decision support system for symmetry-based prenatal congenital heart defects
CHAPTER 3. Morphological extreme learning machines applied to the detection and classification of mammary lesions
CHAPTER 4. 4D medical image analysis: a systematic study on applications, challenges, and future research directions
CHAPTER 5. Comparative analysis of hybrid fusion algorithms using neurocysticercosis, neoplastic, Alzheimer’s, and astrocytoma disease affected multimodality medical images
CHAPTER 6. Binary descriptor design for the automatic detection of coronary arteries using metaheuristics
CHAPTER 7. A cognitive perception on content-based image retrieval using an advanced soft computing paradigm
CHAPTER 8. Early detection of Parkinson’s disease using data mining techniques from multimodal clinical data
CHAPTER 9. Contrast improvement of medical images using advanced fuzzy logic-based technique
CHAPTER 10. Bone age assessment using metric learning on small dataset of hand radiographs
CHAPTER 11. Conclusion and future research directions

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