Windows Server 2008 All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies

Windows Server 2008 All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies

Book Description
If you’ve been waiting impatiently for the arrival of Windows Server 2008, wait no more! It’s here, and so is Windows Server 2008 All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies to help you install it, configure it, network with it, secure it, command it with Windows PowerShell, and more. Services best practices and the cool IIS Web server are covered too.The eight powerful quick-reference manuals in this one-stop guide cover all the information you need to perform common administrative tasks with Windows Server 2008. You’ll find sure-handed guidance and considerable detail on everything from installation to figuring out why a user can’t gain access to resources on the server. You also see procedures for all common tasks — everything from setting up Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) to promoting your server to a domain controller. Discover how to:
  • Use Windows Server virtualization
  • Perform a complete PC restore
  • Configure server roles and features
  • Measure system performance
  • Add network clients and protocols
  • Keep your server operating at peak performance
  • Monitor network interactions with others
  • Work with Active Directory RMS
  • Use best practices for implementing security
  • Implement scripts and cmdlets with PowerShell
  • Uncloak viruses masquerading as services
Windows Server 2008 contains so many features that it’s sometimes hard to know which one to install. No problem! Just flip open Windows Server 2008 All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies and find your answer in a flash!


Part I: Installation and Setup
Chapter 1: An Overview of Windows Server 2008
Chapter 2: Using the Boot Diagnostics
Chapter 3: Performing the Basic Installation
Chapter 4: Performing Initial Configuration Tasks

Part II: Configuration
Chapter 1: Configuring Server Roles and Features
Chapter 2: Configuring Server Hardware
Chapter 3: Using the Control Panel
Chapter 4: Working with Workgroups
Chapter 5: Promoting Your Server to a Domain Controller

Part III: Administration
Chapter 1: An Overview of the Administrative Tools Folder
Chapter 2: Setting Group Policies
Chapter 3: Configuring the Registry
Chapter 4: Working with Active Directory
Chapter 5: Performing Standard Maintenance
Chapter 6: Working at the Command Line

Part IV: Networking
Chapter 1: An Overview of Windows Server 2008 Networking
Chapter 2: Performing Basic Networking Tasks
Chapter 3: Accomplishing Advanced Networking Tasks
Chapter 4: Diagnosing and Repairing

Part V: Security
Chapter 1: Understanding Windows Server 2008 Security
Chapter 2: Configuring Shared Resources
Chapter 3: Configuring Internal Security
Chapter 4: Working with the Internet

Part VI: Windows PowerShell
Chapter 1: An Introduction to Windows PowerShell
Chapter 2: Understanding the .NET Framework
Chapter 3: Working with Scripts and Cmdlets
Chapter 4: Creating Your Own Scripts and Cmdlets

Chapter 1: Understanding the New Interface
Chapter 2: Performing Basic Configuration Tasks
Chapter 3: Working with Scripted Applications
Chapter 4: Working with ASP.NET
Chapter 5: Configuring an FTP Server
Chapter 6: Configuring IIS Security

Part VIII: Services
Chapter 1: An Overview of Windows Server 2008 Services
Chapter 2: Monitoring and Configuring Services
Chapter 3: Using Application-Specific Services

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