Beginning REALbasic: From Novice to Professional

Beginning REALbasic: From Novice to Professional

Book Description
If youre just getting into programming, or youre already an experienced VB programmer who wants to quickly learn a programming alternative, then REALbasic is the ideal language for you. REALbasic is an easy-to-learn, powerful, cross-platform programming language that allows you to write powerful applications that may be distributed across Windows, Mac, and Linux. Beginning REALbasic is an ideal beginners title, it starts off with a detailed introduction to REALbasic and its interface and basic functions to get you settled in comfortably. The book continues by exploring the fundamentals of programming with REALbasiccreating interfaces, menus, and toolbars, and working with conditional logic, loops, databases, object-oriented programming, sound, graphics, and more. Each chapter provides essential background knowledge, without wasting any time on unnecessary theory. The book also features step-by-step tutorials that help you build real-world expertise.


PART 1 - Introducing REALbasic
CHAPTER 1. An Introduction to REALbasic
CHAPTER 2. Navigating the REALbasic Integrated Development Environment

PART 2 - Learning How to Program with REALbasic
CHAPTER 3. Creating an Application’s User Interface
CHAPTER 4. Working with REALbasic Menus
CHAPTER 5. Storing and Retrieving Application Data
CHAPTER 6. Making Decisions with Conditional Logic
CHAPTER 7. Iterative Processing
CHAPTER 8. Object-Oriented Programming

PART 3 - Advanced Topics
CHAPTER 9. Processing Text Files
CHAPTER 10. Working with Databases
CHAPTER 11. Working with Graphics and Audio
CHAPTER 12. Debugging REALbasic Applications

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