Tizen Cookbook

Tizen Cookbook

Book Description
Over 100 hands-on recipes to develop, deploy, and debug applications using the exciting Tizen platform
About This Book
  • Discover new opportunities to develop and publish Tizen applications for cutting edge devices
  • Create new or port existing Qt, PhoneGap, and Android applications to Tizen
  • This book covers step-by-step recipes exploring Tizen's application development environment
Who This Book Is For
If you want to enter the fascinating world of Tizen and learn how to develop engaging and successful applications then this book is for you. It'll benefit novices and experienced application developers alike.
What You Will Learn
  • Set up the Tizen SDK on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X
  • Create Tizen web applications using the Tizen UI Framework
  • Use social media APIs to develop Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn applications for Tizen
  • Explore the Tizen ecosystem and learn how to deliver your applications to the market
  • Discover how to send and receive text messages and e-mails as well as how to transfer data over Bluetooth and NFC
  • Delve into the Tizen web APIs to manage the address book, calendar, and alarms
  • Retrieve data from device sensors such as the GPS, the accelerometer, and the gyroscope sensor
In Detail
Tizen is an open source Linux-based software platform for a variety of devices, from smartphones and watches to in-vehicle infotainment. Application development is based on open standards and HTML5 is the primary development technology.
Starting with a detailed description of using the Tizen SDK, you will delve into Tizen development on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS with this book. You will learn to use the Tizen IDE and move on to using the web simulator and device emulator.
The recipes in this book are invaluable in exploring and optimizing Tizen to develop exciting mobile and web applications.


Part 1 – Getting Started with Tizen
Chapter 1: The Tizen SDK
Chapter 2: Introduction to the Tizen Ecosystem

Part 2 – Creating Tizen Web Applications
Chapter 3: Building a UI
Chapter 4: Storing Data
Chapter 5: Creating Multimedia Apps
Chapter 6: Developing Social Networking Apps
Chapter 7: Managing the Address Book and Calendar
Chapter 8: Communication
Chapter 9: Using Sensors

Part 3 – Porting and Debugging
Chapter 10: Porting Apps to Tizen
Chapter 11: Debugging Apps in Tizen
Chapter 12: Porting Tizen to Hardware Devices

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