Applied Mechatronics and Mechanics: System Integration and Design

Applied Mechatronics and Mechanics: System Integration and Design
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    Applied Mechatronics and Mechanics: System Integration and Design
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    Satya Bir Singh, Prabhat Ranjan, A. K. Haghi
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    1 edition
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    November 5, 2020
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    248 pages
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Book Description
This research-oriented book, Applied Mechatronics and Mechanics: System Integration and Design, presents a clear and comprehensive introduction to applied mechatronics and mechanics. It presents some of the latest research and technical notes in the field of mechatronics and focuses on the application considerations and relevant practical issues that arise in the selection and design of mechatronics components and systems as well.
In the field of mechatronics and mechanics, the variety of materials and their properties is reflected by the concepts and techniques needed to understand them: a rich mixture of mathematics, physics, and experiment. These are all combined in this informative book, based on the chapter authors’ years of experience in research and teaching.
With the inclusion of several case studies, this valuable volume will enable readers to comprehend and design mechatronic systems by providing a frame of understanding to develop a truly interdisciplinary and integrated approach to engineering. It will be helpful to faculty and advanced students as well as specialists from all pertinent disciplines.


1. Dynamic Balancing of Planar Mechanisms Using Nondominated Sorting Jaya Algorithm
2. Vibration Control of a Car Suspension System Using a Magnetorheological Damper with a Fuzzy‑Logic Controller
3. A Review of the Application of Mechatronics in Manufacturing Processes
4. Application of a Nature‑Inspired Algorithm in Odor Source Localization
5. Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems: A Case Study in Automotive Mechatronics
6. A Retrospective Assessment of Elastic‑Plastic and Creep Deformation Behavior in Structural Components Like Discs, Cylinders, and Shells
7. Investigation of Elastic‑Plastic Transitional Stresses in Zirconia‑Based Ceramic Dental Implants under Uniaxial Compression
8. Recent Developments in the Theory of Nonlocality in Elastic and Thermoelastic Mediums
9. Investigation of Creep Performance of an Isotropic Composite Disc Under Thermal Gradients
10. Application of a Fractional‑Order PID Controller to an Underactuated System
11. Evaluating the Effect of an Amputee’s Physical Parameters of Pressure on a Lower‑Limb Prosthetic Socket Using a Fuzzy‑Logic‑Based Model
12. Experimental Investigation and Optimization of Process Parameters in Oblique Machining Process for Hard‑to‑Cut Materials Using Coated Inserts
13. Mechanical Design of a Slider‑Crank Mechanism for a Knee Orthotic Device Using the Jaya Algorithm

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