Advanced programming in Perl for beginners

Advanced programming in Perl for beginners

Book Description
Perl, acronym for Practical Extraction and Reporting Language is a scripting language originally developed by Larry Wall in 1987. It is appropriate to write from the simplest to the most complex apps. In particular, in this book it is shown how versatile Perl is to handle different data formats not only those used in the seismic industry but also those used in the oil industry, as well as to handle the big amount of information that is generated during the recording of seismic surveys.
The book also shows examples to program visual apps, which facilitate the interaction process between user and the app.
The scripts shown in this book allows the user learning the rudiments of programming in Perl and commencing the implementation of them immediately.
Dorian likes programming since he was in the university. In particular, he has more than 14 years programmin apps in Perl, specifically for quality control tasks of seismic information (SEG-D, SEG-Y) and its related support information. Also, he has used his abilities with Perl in quality control tasks in seismic data acquisition surveys, both marine and land acquisition.


Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Variable Types & Operators
Chapter 3. Control Structures
Chapter 4. Arrays and hashes
Chapter 5. Handling text files
Chapter 6. Subroutines and modules
Chapter 7. The power of Perl Tk
Chapter 8. Well logs
Chapter 9. Velocity model files
Chapter 10. SEG-Y files
Chapter 11. Seismic data acquisition
Chapter 12. SEG-D files

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