The Complete ASP.NET Core 3 API Tutorial

The Complete ASP.NET Core 3 API Tutorial
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    The Complete ASP.NET Core 3 API Tutorial: Hands-On Building, Testing, and Deploying
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    Les Jackson
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    1 edition
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    October 11, 2020
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    482 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
Use this ASP.NET Core API tutorial and straightforward step-by-step guide to build, test, and deploy an ASP.NET Core API to Azure. It will help you code confidently and efficiently, and provides just what you need for context.  

The book starts with detailing how to set up your development environment, and then introduces a variety of tools and technologies to build, test, and deploy your API. It covers tools such as .NET Core SDK, (Version 3.1), Visual Studio Code, Git, xUnit, Docker, PostgreSQL, Postman, Azure DevOps, Azure, AutoMapper, and many more.

Practical guidance is provided so you can achieve a tangible and valuable outcome, and you also are given a dose of theory on REST (Representational State Transfer), JSON, (jаvascript Object Notation), DTOs (Data Transfer Objects), and the MVC (Model View Controller) architectural pattern.

What You Will Learn
  • Build an ASP.NET Core API using C#, test it, and deploy it to Azure 
  • Understand concepts on Entity Framework Core
  • Gain hard-earned secrets, shortcuts, and gotchas throughout the “build along” 
  • Get comfortable with ASP NET Core Environments
  • Be introduced to unit testing, CI/CD pipelines, bearer authentication, and JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
Who This Book Is For
Developers using the Microsoft stack. Some basic understanding of .NET Core is assumed. 


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Development Environment
Chapter 3: Overview of Our API
Chapter 4: Scaffold Our API Solution
Chapter 5: The “C” in MVC
Chapter 6: Our Model and Repository
Chapter 7: Persisting Our Data
Chapter 8: Environment Variables and User Secrets
Chapter 9: Data Transfer Objects
Chapter 10: Completing Our API Endpoints
Chapter 11: Unit Testing Our API
Chapter 12: The CI/CD Pipeline
Chapter 13: Deploying to Azure
Chapter 14: Securing Our API

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