Classical Mechanics

Classical Mechanics
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    Classical Mechanics: A Computational Approach with Examples Using Mathematica and Python
  • Author:
    Christopher W. Kulp, Vasilis Pagonis
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    1 edition
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    November 17, 2020
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    456 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
Classical Mechanics: A Computational Approach with Examples using Python and Mathematica provides a unique, contemporary introduction to classical mechanics, with a focus on computational methods. In addition to providing clear and thorough coverage of key topics, this textbook includes integrated instructions and treatments of computation.
Full of pedagogy, it contains both analytical and computational example problems within the body of each chapter. The example problems teach readers both analytical methods and how to use computer algebra systems and computer programming to solve problems in classical mechanics. End-of-chapter problems allow students to hone their skills in problem solving with and without the use of a computer. The methods presented in this book can then be used by students when solving problems in other fields both within and outside of physics.
It is an ideal textbook for undergraduate students in physics, mathematics, and engineering studying classical mechanics.
  • Gives readers the "big picture" of classical mechanics and the importance of computation in the solution of problems in physics
  • Numerous example problems using both analytical and computational methods, as well as explanations as to how and why specific techniques were used
  • Online resources containing specific example codes to help students learn computational methods and write their own algorithms


Chapter 1. The Foundations of Motion and Computation
Chapter 2. Single-Particle Motion in One Dimension
Chapter 3. Motion in Two and Three Dimensions
Chapter 4. Momentum, Angular Momentum, and Multiparticle Systems
Chapter 5. Energy
Chapter 6. Harmonic Oscillations
Chapter 7. The Calculus of Variations
Chapter 8. Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Dynamics
Chapter 9. Central Forces and Planetary Motion
Chapter 10. Motion in Noninertial Reference Frames
Chapter 11. Rigid Body Motion
Chapter 12. Coupled Oscillations
Chapter 13. Nonlinear Systems

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