The Art of Multiprocessor Programming, 2nd Edition

The Art of Multiprocessor Programming, 2nd Edition

Book Description
The Art of Multiprocessor Programming, Second Edition, provides users with an authoritative guide to multicore programming. This updated edition introduces higher level software development skills relative to those needed for efficient single-core programming, and includes comprehensive coverage of the new principles, algorithms, and tools necessary for effective multiprocessor programming. The book is an ideal resource for students and professionals alike who will benefit from its thorough coverage of key multiprocessor programming issues.


CHAPTER 1. Introduction

PART 1 - Principles
CHAPTER 2. Mutual exclusion
CHAPTER 3. Concurrent objects
CHAPTER 4. Foundations of shared memory
CHAPTER 5. The relative power of primitive synchronization operations
CHAPTER 6. Universality of consensus

PART 2 - Practice
CHAPTER 7. Spin locks and contention
CHAPTER 8. Monitors and blocking synchronization
CHAPTER 9. Linked lists: The role of locking
CHAPTER 10. Queues, memory management, and the ABA problem
CHAPTER 11. Stacks and elimination
CHAPTER 12. Counting, sorting, and distributed coordination
CHAPTER 13. Concurrent hashing and natural parallelism
CHAPTER 14. Skiplists and balanced search
CHAPTER 15. Priority queues
CHAPTER 16. Scheduling and work distribution
CHAPTER 17. Data parallelism
CHAPTER 18. Barriers
CHAPTER 19. Optimism and manual memory management
CHAPTER 20. Transactional programming

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