Computer Fundamentals And C Programming

Computer Fundamentals And C Programming

Book Description
The book provides an all-round knowledge in C and its implementationwhile clearing the basics in computer hardware and software. Theessential concepts of C are supported by well-annotated and properly indentedprograms. Every program in this book hasbeen adequately explained. Many of these programs are based on real-life situations that readers can oftenidentify with. Wherever possible, a program has been progressively enhancedwith the exposition of a new feature of the language.
The author has used simple language for critical explanation supportedby strong pedagogical features.
Special pedagogical feature called Takeaway interspersed throughout the book, apart from featureslike Note, Tip, and Caution
User-friendly textbook with informal approachmeant to retain user interest


CHAPTER 1. Introducing Computers and Hardware
CHAPTER 2. Computer Software
CHAPTER 3. Computing and Programming Concepts
CHAPTER 4. A Taste of C
CHAPTER 5. Data—Variables and Constants
CHAPTER 6. Operators and Expressions
CHAPTER 7. Control Structures—Decision Making
CHAPTER 8. Control Structures—Loops
CHAPTER 9. Terminal Input/Output Functions
CHAPTER 10. Arrays
CHAPTER 11. Functions
CHAPTER 12. Pointers
CHAPTER 13. Strings
CHAPTER 14. User-Defined Data Types
CHAPTER 15. File Handling
CHAPTER 16. Dynamic Memory Allocation and Linked Lists
CHAPTER 17. The Preprocessor and Other Features

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