Linux for Beginners

Linux for Beginners
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    Linux for Beginners: The Ultimate Practical Guide to Operating System, Command Line and Programming. Improve your Computer Skills and Become a Computing Expertise.
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    Nathan Cooper
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    February 11, 2020
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    207 pages
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Book Description
Do you want to learn Linux and its fundamentals, improve your computer programming skills and become a computing expertise? If yes, then keep reading…
Linux has been well-known as one of the most powerful operating systems in the world of cybersecurity and coding.

Among its various components, Kali Linux is one of the distributions which can be treated like a boon for the ethical hackers and the IT people. However, everything comes with a number of problems. In this world of today, people have excessive trust in Kali Linux capabilities by default only. As the end result, most of the users are not paying attention to the various manual aspects of the Linux security. It is true that with Linux, you can automate many of your tasks. However, it also requires some manual touch for keeping everything with the pace. This fact even becomes more evident when it comes to the concept of security. 
Though an operating system might automate all your tasks, it is your task to be anxious always. You are required to keep a close eye on the settings of our application and various other details. When you have a well-configured system of Kali Linux, it might turn out to be the most difficult thing to crack. However, most of the users of Kali Linux do not have profound knowledge about what is required for keeping their whole systems locked up. In case you start using a brand-new application, try to pay very close attention to the details of its configuration. Running the application with the same example settings and then using it is not the ideal option. It is not at all recommended. Some of the developers in the past also put decoy settings in the applications for making sure that the applications are prevented from running. This was a great way for ensuring that all the users have checked out the file of configuration of the application. 
When it comes to permissions, it forms an essential part of Linux. It is very important for a user to clearly understand how each and every permission function along with the implications of the various components of the OS. In case you are shifting from Windows to Linux, the generalized concept might be a bit different and awkward for you. The general rule of Kali Linux is that you are not supposed to use root for your daily work. This might sound like a bit of a surprise for all the Windows users in which the operating system handles the various permissions which are critical in nature in a different way. It is surely an inconvenient function where you are required to type a password each and every time when you want the machine to execute a function. However, it is practical as well as it will surely help in preventing some serious security problem of your machine in the future.  
In this book, you will learn more аbout:
  • Basic Linux commands
  • Linux Installation
  • File System
  • Basic Shell Programming
  • What to Do Next with Linux?
  • Basic kali Linux tools
  • Command Syntax Patterns
  • Linux Files and Directories
  • Linux File System Searching
  • User and Group Management
  • Commands and Functions for the Beginner
  • Using Linux Text Editors
  • exercises
  • Building Scripts
  • Securing Your Linux Server
  • GNU Utilities
  • Control Privileged User


CHAPTER 1. Basic Linux commands
CHAPTER 2. Linux Installation
CHAPTER 3. File System
CHAPTER 4. Basic Shell Programming
CHAPTER 5. What To Do Next With Linux?
CHAPTER 6. Basic Kali Linux tools
CHAPTER 7. Command Syntax Patterns
CHAPTER 8. Linux Files and Directories
CHAPTER 9. Linux File System Searching
CHAPTER 10. User and Group Management
CHAPTER 11. Commands and Functions for the Beginner
CHAPTER 12. Using Linux Text Editors
CHAPTER 13. Exercises
CHAPTER 14. Building Scripts
CHAPTER 15. Securing Your Linux Server
CHAPTER 16. GNU Utilities
CHAPTER 17. Control Privileged User

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