The Chief Data Officer Management Handbook

The Chief Data Officer Management Handbook
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    The Chief Data Officer Management Handbook: Set Up and Run an Organization’s Data Supply Chain
  • Author:
    Martin Treder
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    1 edition
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  • Data:
    October 19, 2020
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    452 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
There is no denying that the 21st century is data driven, with many digital industries relying on careful collection and analysis of mass volumes of information. A Chief Data Officer (CDO) at a company is the leader of this process, making the position an often daunting one. The Chief Data Officer Management Handbook is here to help.
With this book, author Martin Treder advises CDOs on how to be better prepared for their swath of responsibilities, how to develop a more sustainable approach, and how to avoid the typical pitfalls. Based on positive and negative experiences shared by current CDOs, The Chief Data Officer Management Handbook guides you in designing the ideal structure of a data office, implementing it, and getting the right people on board.
Important topics such as the data supply chain, data strategy, and data governance are thoughtfully covered by Treder. As a CDO it is important to use your position effectively with your entire team. The Chief Data Officer Management Handbook allows all employees to take ownership in data collaboration. Data is the foundation of present and future tech innovations, and you could be the leader that makes the next big impact.

What You Will Learn
  • Apply important elements of effective data management
  • Gain a comprehensive overview of all areas of data (which are often managed independently 
  • Work with the data supply chain, from data acquisition to its usage, a review of all relevant stakeholders, data strategy, and data governance
Who This Book is For
CDOs, data executives, data advisors, and all professionals looking to understand about how a data office functions in an organization.


Part I: Designing an Effective Data Office
Chapter 1: Understand Your Organization
Chapter 2: Aspects of Effective Data Management
Chapter 3: The Data Supply Chain
Chapter 4: Data Vision, Mission, and Strategy
Chapter 5: Masterdata Management
Chapter 6: Data Governance
Chapter 7: The Data Language
Chapter 8: Data Processes
Chapter 9: Roles and Responsibilities
Chapter 10: Data Quality
Chapter 11: Shaping Data Office Teams

Part II: The Psychology of Data Management
Chapter 12: Typical Challenges of a CDO
Chapter 13: How (Not) to Behave As a CDO
Chapter 14: Stakeholders
Chapter 15: Psychology of Governance

Part III: Practical Aspects of Data Management
Chapter 16: Data Business Cases
Chapter 17: Data Ethics and Compliance
Chapter 18: The Outside World
Chapter 19: Handling Data
Chapter 20: Analyzing Data
Chapter 21: Data Management in Crises
Chapter 22: Data in Mergers and Acquisitions
Chapter 23: Data for Innovation

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