Discrete and Integrated Electronics

Discrete and Integrated Electronics
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    Discrete and Integrated Electronics: Analysis and Design for Engineers and Engineering Technologists
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    Stephen Fleeman
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    November 27, 2019
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    414 Pages
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Book Description
Discrete and Integrated Electronics (Volume 1 of 3) is a textbook that was written to help anyone who is interested in learning the basic concepts in electronics which lead to the analysis and design of electronic circuits. A background in DC circuits is assumed. Basic algebra with a hint of plane trigonometry is used.

Illustrations rather than complex mathematics help you grasp every concept. Narrated examples to help you understand the whys and not just the hows. Latest technology like the organic semiconductors used to make OLED televisions and displays is included. Practical examples like operation and design of a DC power supply is explained and illustrated by leading you through the process step by step. This includes using manufacturers data sheets.

An inexpensive software program (purchased separately) called NI Multisim is used throughout. It allows you to draw an electrical schematic diagram and simulate the circuit operation. Its use is explained with many screen captures. NI Multisim is used extensively in industry and academia. In Discrete and Integrated Electronics, it is employed to show via simulation the accuracy of our approximations and allows us to predict the behavior of electronic circuits.


1. Solid-State Physics and the P-N Junction
2. Diodes and Circuit Analysis
3. Diode Applications and Additional Devices
4. DC Power Supplies: Rectification and Filtering
5. Bipolar Junction Transistors
6. Field-Effect Transistors

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