Computing Essentials 2019, 27th Edition

Computing Essentials 2019, 27th Edition

Book Description
The rate of change in the digital information age is clearly increasing, and computer literacy is becoming a prerequisite. The goal of the 27th edition of Computing Essentials is to provide students with an introductory understanding of the concepts necessary for success and to instill an appreciation for the effect of information technology on people, privacy, ethics, and our environment. Today’s students put much effort toward the things that are relevant to them, yet it is sometimes difficult to engage them in other equally important topics like personal privacy and technological advances.
Each chapter highlights a most promising career in IT―including webmaster, software engineer, and database administrator―by presenting job titles, responsibilities, educational requirements, and salary ranges. Students see the material relate directly to potential career paths.
Each chapter describes how its content is relevant to students’ lives today and critical to their future. Each chapter presents practical tips related to key concepts through the demonstration of interesting and relevant applications. Topics presented focus first on outputs rather than processes and then dive into the concepts and processes.
Motivation and relevance are the keys. This text has several features specifically designed to engage and demonstrate the relevance of technology in our lives. These elements are combined with thorough coverage of the concepts and sound pedagogical devices.
The text uses graphics to reinforce key concepts and offers unique features and benefits found in few other texts:
  • Making IT Work for You addresses topics and discussion questions that cover issues like online entertainment, gaming, virtual assistants, and the mobile office.
  • Look to the Future boxes in each chapter have been revised to show that the expected breakthroughs of tomorrow are rooted in today’s advances.
  • Why Should I Read This? sections present a visually engaging and concise presentation of the chapter’s relevance to the reader’s life in the digital world.
  • Visual summaries review major concepts covered throughout the chapter.
  • Environment marginal boxes cover topics like plagiarism, editing images to promote a message, and the use of monitoring software.
  • Privacy marginal boxes cover topics like protecting personal information on a free Wi-Fi network or disposing of an outdated computer to help students think critically and communicate effectively.
  • Ethics marginal boxes cover related technologies and topics like proper disposal of older monitors, empty inkjet cartridges, and old computers.
  • Concept Check segments cue students to note which topics have been covered and to self-test their understanding of the material presented.
  • Brief discussions at the close of each chapter address recent technological advancements related to the chapter material.
  • A test bank with more than 2,200 questions is categorized by level of learning.
  • Using IT at MoviesOnline, a case study of a fictitious organization, provides an up-close look at what students might find on the job in the real world.New to This Edition
  • Every chapter’s Making IT Work for You, Privacy, Ethics, and Environment features have been carefully reevaluated, enhanced, or replaced.
  • Every chapter’s Look to the Future feature has been revised to show that tomorrow’s expected breakthroughs are rooted in today’s advances.
  • Expanded coverage includes Web 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0; social media; Windows 10; VR hardware; cloud storage; cybersecurity; drones and robotics; and gaming.
  • Updated and expanded descriptions of programming languages highlight popular choices.


1. Information Technology, the Internet, and You
2. The Internet, the Web, and Electronic Commerce
3. Application Software
4. System Software
5. The System Unit
6. Input and Output
7. Secondary Storage
8. Communications and Networks
9. Privacy, Security, and Ethics
10. Information Systems
11. Databases
12. Systems Analysis and Design
13. Programming and Languages

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