R Visualizations: Derive Meaning from Data

R Visualizations: Derive Meaning from Data

Book Description
R Visualizations: Derive Meaning from Data focuses on one of the two major topics of data analytics: data visualization, a.k.a., computer graphics. In the book, major R systems for visualization are discussed, organized by topic and not by system. Anyone doing data analysis will be shown how to use R to generate any of the basic visualizations with the R visualization systems. Further, this book introduces the author’s lessR system, which always can accomplish a visualization with less coding than the use of other systems, sometimes dramatically so, and also provides accompanying statistical analyses.
Key Features
  • Presents thorough coverage of the leading R visualization system, ggplot2.
  • Gives specific guidance on using base R graphics to attain visualizations of the same quality as those provided by ggplot2.
  • Shows how to create a wide range of data visualizations: distributions of categorical and continuous variables, many types of scatterplots including with a third variable, time series, and maps.
  • Inclusion of the various approaches to R graphics organized by topic instead of by system.
  • Presents the recent work on interactive visualization in R.


1. Visualize Data
2. Visualization Quick Start
3. Visualize a Categorical Variable
4. Visualize a Continuous Variable
5. Visualize the Relation of Two Continuous Variables
6. Visualize Multiple Categorical Variables
7. Visualize over Time
8. Visualize Maps and Networks
9. Interactive Visualizations
10. Customize Visualizations

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