Parallel Manipulators of Robots: Theory and Applications

Parallel Manipulators of Robots: Theory and Applications
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    Parallel Manipulators of Robots: Theory and Applications
  • Author:
    Korganbay Sagnayevich Sholanov
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    1st ed. 2021 Edition
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    September 11, 2020
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    175 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
This book describes the theoretical framework of parallel manipulators and presents examples of their application. The theoretical part begins with the theory of parallel manipulator synthesis. Working on this basis, various topology designs of one-loop and multiloop parallel manipulators are then obtained. The next section describes the zero parameters method for the analysis of mechanism (manipulator) structure with closed kinematic circuits, and includes examples of its application, highlighting its advantages compared to traditional methods. The book then presents the redundant parameters method for determining the position of special parallel manipulator links, and discusses its application in solving the direct problem of link position for multiloop manipulators. It also addresses one-loop and multiloop manipulators, and includes a solution for the direct and inverse link position problems of kinematics. In closing, the book presents a range of potential applications for parallel manipulator. These examples are intended to promote the development and implementation of new engineering solutions, e.g. in seismic protection systems, renewable energy and other areas.
The book includes a wealth of material that can be used for teaching undergraduate, graduate and PhD students majoring in robotics, automation and related fields, and can also be used by researchers to solve problems in connection with introducing robotics technologies.


Part I - Synthesis of Architecture of Robot One-Loop and Multiloop Manipulators
1. Synthesis of Robot One-Loop Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Manipulators
2. Synthesis of Robot Multiloop Manipulators

Part II - Analysis of the Design of Robot Parallel Manipulators
3. Determination of the Number of Degrees-of-Freedom of Mechanisms Using Reference System Imaging
4. Analytical Description of the Links of Spatial Mechanisms and Manipulators by Redundant Parameters Method

Part III - Kinematics and Dynamics of One-Loop and Multiloop Parallel Manipulators
5. Kinematics of One-Loop Parallel Manipulators
6. Kinematics of Multiloop Parallel Manipulators
7. Parallel Manipulators’ Dynamics

Part IV - Use of One-Loop and Multiloop Robot Manipulators
8. Examples of One-Loop Manipulator Applications
9. Applications for Multiloop Manipulators

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