Designing Internet of Things Solutions with Microsoft Azure

Designing Internet of Things Solutions with Microsoft Azure
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    Designing Internet of Things Solutions with Microsoft Azure: A Survey of Secure and Smart Industrial Applications
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    Nirnay Bansal
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    1 edition
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    September 8, 2020
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    319 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
Build a strong and efficient IoT solution at industrial and enterprise level by mastering industrial IoT using Microsoft Azure. This book focuses on the development of the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) paradigm, discussing various architectures, as well as providing nine case studies employing IoT in common industrial domains including medical, supply chain, finance, and smart homes.  
The book starts by giving you an overview of the basic concepts of IoT, after which you will go through the various offerings of the Microsoft Azure IoT platform and its services. Next, you will get hands-on experience of IoT applications in various industries to give you a better picture of industrial solutions and how you should take your industry forward. As you progress through the chapters, you will learn real-time applications in IoT in agriculture, supply chain, financial services, retail, and transportation. Towards the end, you will gain knowledge to identify and analyze IoT security and privacy risks along with a detailed sample project. 
The book fills an important gap in the learning of IoT and its practical use case in your industry. Therefore, this is a practical guide that helps you discover the technologies and use cases for IIoT. By the end of this book, you will be able to build industrial IoT solution in Microsoft Azure with sensors, stream analytics, and serverless technologies.   

What You Will Learn
  • Provision, configure, and connect devices with Microsoft Azure IoT hub
  • Stream analytics using structural data and non-structural data such as images
  • Use stream analytics, serverless technology, and IoT SaaS offerings
  • Work with common sensors and IoT devices
Who This Book Is For
IoT architects, developers, and stakeholders working with the industrial Internet of Things. 


Chapter 1: Industry 4.0 Movement
Chapter 2: Basic IoT Concepts
Chapter 3: Microsoft Azure IoT Platform
Chapter 4: Streaming IoT Data to Microsoft Azure
Chapter 5: IoT Applications in Manufacturing
Chapter 6: IoT Applications in Agriculture
Chapter 7: IoT Applications in Energy
Chapter 8: IoT Applications in Smart Homes
Chapter 9: IoT Applications in the Supply Chain
Chapter 10: IoT Applications in Financial Services
Chapter 11: IoT Applications in Health Care
Chapter 12: IoT Applications in Retail
Chapter 13: IoT Applications in Transportation
Chapter 14: Risk

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