Analytics Stories: Using Data to Make Good Things Happen

Analytics Stories: Using Data to Make Good Things Happen
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    Analytics Stories: Using Data to Make Good Things Happen
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    Wayne L. Winston
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    1 edition
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    September 16, 2020
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    528 pages
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Book Description
Inform your own analyses by seeing how one of the best data analysts in the world approaches analytics problems 
Analytics Stories: How to Make Good Things Happen is a thoughtful, incisive, and entertaining exploration of the application of analytics to real-world problems and situations. Covering fields as diverse as sports, finance, politics, healthcare, and business, Analytics Stories bridges the gap between the oft inscrutable world of data analytics and the concrete problems it solves. 
Distinguished professor and author Wayne L. Winston answers questions like: 
  • Was Liverpool over Barcelona the greatest upset in sports history? 
  • Was Derek Jeter a great infielder 
  • What's wrong with the NFL QB rating? 
  • How did Madoff keep his fund going? 
  • Does a mutual fund’s past performance predict future performance? 
  • What caused the Crash of 2008? 
  • Can we predict where crimes are likely to occur? 
  • Is the lot of the American worker improving? 
  • How can analytics save the US Republic? 
  • The birth of evidence-based medicine: How did James Lind know citrus fruits cured scurvy? 
  • How can I objectively compare hospitals? 
  • How can we predict heart attacks in real time? 
  • How does a retail store know if you're pregnant? 
  • How can I use A/B testing to improve sales from my website? 
  • How can analytics help me write a hit song? 
Perfect for anyone with the word “analyst” in their job title, Analytics Stories illuminates the process of applying analytic principles to practical problems and highlights the potential pitfalls that await careless analysts.  


Part I - What Happened?
Chapter 1. Preliminaries
Chapter 2. Was the 1969 Draft Lottery Fair?
Chapter 3. Who Won the 2000 Election: Bush or Gore?
Chapter 4. Was Liverpool Over Barcelona the Greatest Upset in Sports History?
Chapter 5. How Did Bernie Madoff Keep His Fund Going?
Chapter 6. Is the Lot of the American Worker Improving?
Chapter 7. Measuring Income Inequality with the Gini, Palm, and Atkinson Indices
Chapter 8. Modeling Relationships Between Two Variables
Chapter 9. Intergenerational Mobility
Chapter 10. Is Anderson Elementary School a Bad School?
Chapter 11. Value-Added Assessments of Teacher Effectiveness
Chapter 12. Berkeley, Buses, Cars, and Planes
Chapter 13. Is Carmelo Anthony a Hall of Famer?
Chapter 14. Was Derek Jeter a Great Fielder?
Chapter 15. “Drive for Show and Putt for Dough?”
Chapter 16. What’s Wrong with the NFL QB Rating?
Chapter 17. Some Sports Have All the Luck
Chapter 18. Gerrymandering
Chapter 19. Evidence-Based Medicine
Chapter 20. How Do We Compare Hospitals?
Chapter 21. What Is the Worst Health Care Problem in My Country?

Part II - What Will Happen?
Chapter 22. Does a Mutual Fund’s Past Performance Predict Future Performance?
Chapter 23. Is Vegas Good at Picking NFL Games?
Chapter 24. Will My New Hires Be Good Employees?
Chapter 25. Should I Go to State U or Princeton?
Chapter 26. Will My Favorite Sports Team Be Great Next Year?
Chapter 27. How Did Central Bankers Fail to Predict the 2008 Recession?
Chapter 28. How Does Target Know If You’re Pregnant?
Chapter 29. How Does Netflix Recommend Movies and TV Shows?
Chapter 30. Can We Predict Heart Attacks in Real Time?
Chapter 31. Is Proactive Policing Effective?
Chapter 32. Guess How Many Are Coming to Dinner?
Chapter 33. Can Prediction Markets Predict the Future?
Chapter 34. The ABCs of Polling
Chapter 35. How Did Buzzfeed Make the Dress Go Viral?
Chapter 36. Predicting Game of Thrones TV Ratings

Part III - Why Did It Happened?
Chapter 37. Does Smoking Cause Lung Cancer?
Chapter 38. Why Are the Houston Rockets a Good Basketball Team?
Chapter 39. Why Have Sacrifice Bunts and Intentional Walks Nearly Disappeared?
Chapter 40. Do NFL Teams Pass Too Much and Go for It Often Enough on Fourth Down?
Chapter 41. What Caused the 1854 London Cholera Outbreak?
Chapter 42. What Affects the Sales of a Retail Product?
Chapter 43. Why Does the Pareto Principle Explain So Many Things?
Chapter 44. Does Where You Grow Up Matter?
Chapter 45. The Waiting is the Hardest Part
Chapter 46. Are Roundabouts a Good Idea?
Chapter 47. Red Light, Green Light, or No Light?

Part IV - How Do I Make Good Things Happen?
Chapter 48. How Can We Improve K–12 Education?
Chapter 49. Can A/B Testing Improve My Website’s Performance?
Chapter 50. How Should I Allocate My Retirement Portfolio?
Chapter 51. How Do Hedge Funds Work?
Chapter 52. How Much Should We Order and When Should We Order?
Chapter 53. How Does the UPS Driver Know the Order to Deliver Packages?
Chapter 54. Can Data Win a Presidential Election?
Chapter 55. Can Analytics Save Our Republic?
Chapter 56. Why Do I Pay Too Much on eBay?
Chapter 57. Can Analytics Recognize, Predict, or Write a Hit Song?
Chapter 58. Can an Algorithm Improve Parole Decisions?
Chapter 59. How Do Baseball Teams Decide Where to Shift Fielders?
Chapter 60. Did Analytics Help the Mavericks Win the 2011 NBA Title?
Chapter 61. Who Gets the House in the Hamptons?

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