Java Programming: A Comprehensive Introduction

Java Programming: A Comprehensive Introduction

Book Description
Java Programming: A Comprehensive Introduction is designed for an introductory programming course using Java. This text takes a logical approach to the presentation of core topics, moving step-by-step from the basics to more advanced material, with objects being introduced at the appropriate time. The book is divided into three parts:
  • Part One covers the elements of the Java language and the fundamentals of programming. An introduction to object-oriented design is also included.
  • Part Two introduces GUI (Graphical User Interface) programming using Swing.
  • Part Three explores key aspects of Java's API (Application Programming Interface) library, including the Collections Framework and the concurrency API.
Herb Schildt has written many successful programming books in Java, C++, C, and C#. His books have sold more than three million copies. Dale Skrien is a professor at Colby College with degrees from the University of Illinois-Champaign, the University of Washington, and St. Olaf College. He's also authored two books and is very active in SIGCSE.


PART I - The Java Language
CHAPTER 1. Java Programming Fundamentals
CHAPTER 2. Introducing Data Types and Operators
CHAPTER 3. Program Control Statements
CHAPTER 4. Introducing Classes, Objects, and Methods
CHAPTER 5. More Data Types and Operators
CHAPTER 6. A Closer Look at Methods and Classes
CHAPTER 7. Inheritance
CHAPTER 8. Interfaces
CHAPTER 9. Packages
CHAPTER 10. Exception Handling
CHAPTER 11. Using I/O
CHAPTER 12. Multithreaded Programming
CHPATER 13. Enumerations, Autoboxing, and Annotations
CHAPTER 14. Generics
CHAPTER 15. Applets and the Remaining Java Keywords
CHAPTER 16. Introduction to Object-Oriented Design

PART II - Introducing Gui Programming With Swing
CHAPTER 17. Swing Fundamentals
CHAPTER 18. Exploring Swing Controls
CHAPTER 19. Working with Menus
CHAPTER 20. Dialogs
CHAPTER 21. Threading, Applets, and Painting

PART III - Exploring The Java Api Library
CHAPTER 22. String Handling
CHAPTER 23. Exploring java.lang
CHAPTER 24. Exploring java.util
CHAPTER 25. Using the Data Structures in the Collections Framework
CHAPTER 26. Networking with
CHAPTER 27. The Concurrency Utilities

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