Statistics Unplugged, 4th Edition

Statistics Unplugged, 4th Edition
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    Statistics Unplugged, 4th Edition
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    Sally Caldwell
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    4 edition
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    July 24, 2012
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    378 pages
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Book Description
Learn statistics the easy way with STATISTICS UNPLUGGED! Written in a friendly, easy-to-understand style, this practical book takes the intimidation out of statistics and helps you understand the relevance of statistics to your own life. Interesting examples throughout the book allow you to see what is really going on with the numbers instead of being overwhelmed by the numbers themselves.


1. The What and How of Statistics
2. Describing Data and Distributions
3. The Shape of Distributions
4. The Normal Curve
5. Four Fundamental Concepts
6. Confidence Intervals
7. Hypothesis Testing With a Single Sample Mean
8. Hypothesis Testing With Two Samples (Mean Difference and Difference Between Means)
9. Beyond the Null Hypothesis
10. Analysis of Variance
11. The Chi-Square Test
12. Correlation and Regression

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