Contemporary Experimental Design, Multivariate Analysis and Data Mining

Contemporary Experimental Design, Multivariate Analysis and Data Mining
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    Contemporary Experimental Design, Multivariate Analysis and Data Mining: Festschrift in Honour of Professor Kai-Tai Fang
  • Author:
    Jianqing Fan, Jianxin Pan
  • Edition:
    1st ed. 2020 Edition
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    August 16, 2020
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    377 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
The collection and analysis of data play an important role in many fields of science and technology, such as computational biology, quantitative finance, information engineering, machine learning, neuroscience, medicine, and the social sciences. Especially in the era of big data, researchers can easily collect data characterised by massive dimensions and complexity.
In celebration of Professor Kai-Tai Fang’s 80th birthday, we present this book, which furthers new and exciting developments in modern statistical theories, methods and applications. The book features four review papers on Professor Fang’s numerous contributions to the fields of experimental design, multivariate analysis, data mining and education. It also contains twenty research articles contributed by prominent and active figures in their fields. The articles cover a wide range of important topics such as experimental design, multivariate analysis, data mining, hypothesis testing and statistical models.


Part I - Review of Kai-Tai Fang’s Contribution
1. Walking on the Road to the Statistical Pyramid
2. The Contribution to Experimental Designs by Kai-Tai Fang
3. From “Clothing Standard” to “Chemometrics”
4. A Review of Prof. Kai-Tai Fang’s Contribution to the Education, Promotion, and Advancement of Statistics in China

Part II - Design of Experiments
5. Is a Transformed Low Discrepancy Design Also Low Discrepancy?
6. The Construction of Optimal Design for Order-of-Addition Experiment via Threshold Accepting
7. Construction of Uniform Designs on Arbitrary Domains by Inverse Rosenblatt Transformation
8. Drug Combination Studies, Uniform Experimental Design and Extensions
9. Modified Robust Design Criteria for Poisson Mixed Models
10. Study of Central Composite Design and Orthogonal Array Composite Design
11. Uniform Design on Manifold

Part III - Multivariate Analysis
12. An Application of the Theory of Spherical Distributions in Multiple Mean Comparison
13. Estimating the Location Vector for Spherically Symmetric Distributions
14. On Equidistant Designs, Symmetries and Their Violations in Multivariate Models
15. Estimation of Covariance Matrix with ARMA Structure Through Quadratic Loss Function

Part IV - Data Mining
16. Depth Importance in Precision Medicine (DIPM):A Tree and Forest Based Method
17. Bayesian Mixture Models with Weight-Dependent Component Priors
18. Cosine Similarity-Based Classifiers for Functional Data

Part V - Hypothesis Test and Statistical Models
19. Projection Test with Sparse Optimal Direction for High-Dimensional One Sample Mean Problem
20. Goodness-of-fit Tests for Correlated Bilateral Data from Multiple Groups
21. A Bilinear Reduced Rank Model
22. Simultaneous Multiple Change Points Estimation in Generalized Linear Models
23. Data-Based Priors for Bayesian Model Averaging
24. Quantile Regression with Gaussian Kernels

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