Python by Design: Ready, Set, Code

Python by Design: Ready, Set, Code

Book Description
From managing requirements, to learning how to choose between the best projects, a successful software developer needs to know a lot more than merely how to ‘write code.’ Tenured software professionals know that designing, testing, and delivering software for ourselves and others is what real-world, modern software development is all about.

Because modern software developers need to understand how to create software from requirements & design specifications, when Pythoneers started asking me for more practice exercises, I thought that I would define those projects using the type of documentation professional software developers are most likely to encounter.

From creating a simple “Hex Dumper” and / or “Big Banner” tool, to creating and reporting on dictionaries loaded with data, the exercises in this book are designed to provide a gentle, evolutionary, real-world educational experience. Students will be exploring everything from using Python’s built-in functions, to practicing common research, maintenance, as well as software re-factoring activities.

p.s. Be it in-the-cloud or in-person, our Python training has been taught to thousands of new software developers. First published in 2017, by the release of this second edition in 2020 our “Python3 Training” group on Facebook has grown to over 20,000 students!


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