The Future Home is Wise, Not Smart

The Future Home is Wise, Not Smart
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    The Future Home is Wise, Not Smart: A Human-Centric Perspective on Next Generation Domestic Technologies
  • Author:
    Gerhard Leitner
  • Edition:
    1st ed. 2015 Edition
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    October 12, 2015
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    140 pages
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Book Description
This book introduces the concept of the wise home. Whilst smart homes focus on automation technologies, forcing users to deal with complex and incomprehensible control and programming procedures, the wise home is different. By going beyond intelligence (or smartness) the wise home puts technology in the background and supports explicit (enhanced user-experience) as well as implicit (artificial intelligence) interaction adequate to the end-user’s needs.
The theoretical basis of the wise home is explored and examples for its application for future living are presented based on empirical studies and field work carried out by the author. Principles of HCI and the meaning of the home from differing scientific perspective are discussed and a research model (based on the concept of user experience (UX)) and iterations is introduced. This has resulted in field deployment guides being produced through a systematic development process.
The Future Home is Wise, not Smart will be essential reading to home system developers, designers and researchers, responsible for smart home deployment or Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) who will get insights on how to follow a novel approach in developing and adapting smart home systems to their users’ needs. Students with an interest in software design for pervasive systems will benefit by receiving information on how to develop and customise systems for the specific needs of living environments.


Part I - The Current State in Smartness
1. WISE: The Difference Between Smart and Smart Ass
2. Why Is It Called Human Computer Interaction, but Focused on Computers Instead?
3. The DifferentMeanings of Home

Part II - The WISE Approach: From Sweet and Smart to WISE
4. A Focused Survey on Technology: From Hypocaust to Smart Appliances
5. Theoretical Foundations of the WISE Home
6. Empirical Foundation of WISE

Part III - The WISE Home of the Future
7. The Proof of theWISE Concept
8. The WISE Future of Home Technology

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