The Java EE Architect's Handbook, Second Edition

The Java EE Architect's Handbook, Second Edition
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    The Java EE Architect's Handbook, Second Edition: How to be a successful application architect for Java EE applications
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    Derek C. Ashmore
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    2 edition
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    February 5, 2014
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    268 pages
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Book Description
This handbook is a concise guide to assuming the role of application architect for Java EE applications. This handbook will guide the application architect through the entire Java EE project including identifying business requirements, performing use-case analysis, object and data modeling, and guiding a development team during construction. This handbook will provide tips and techniques for communicating with project managers and management. This handbook will provide strategies for making your application easier and less costly to support. Whether you are about to architect your first Java EE application or are looking for ways to keep your projects on-time and on-budget, you will refer to this handbook again and again.

What you’ll learn:
You will discover how to:
  • Design Java EE applications so that they are robust, extensible, and easy to maintain.
  • Assume the role of application architect on Java EE projects.
  • Apply commonly used design patterns effectively.
  • Identify and address application architectural issues before they hinder the development team.
  • Document and communicate the application design so that the development team’s work is targeted.
  • Avoid common mistakes that derail project budgets and timelines.
  • Guide the development team through the design and construction process.
  • Setup effective procedures and guidelines that increase stability and decrease defect reports.
  • Avoid common mistakes that make Java EE applications overly complex and hard to support.
  • Effectively estimate needed resources and timelines.
Who this book is for:
  • Senior Java EE developers looking to assume an architect role.
  • Junior Java EE application architects looking to improve their skills.


Section I: Planning Java EE Applications
Chapter 1: Project Development Team and Project Life Cycle
Chapter 2: Defining the Project
Chapter 3: Scope Definition and Estimation
Chapter 4: Designing External Application Interfaces

Section II: Designing Java EE Applications
Chapter 5: A Layered Approach to Java EE Design
Chapter 6: Creating Object Models
Chapter 7: Creating the Data Model
Chapter 8: Planning Construction

Section III: Building Java EE Applications
Chapter 9: Coding Value Objects and Entities
Chapter 10: Building Data Access Objects
Chapter 11: Building Business Objects
Chapter 12: Building the Deployment and Presentation Layers
Chapter 13: Making Technology Product Selections
Chapter 14: Building Architectural Components
Chapter 15: Application Architecture Strategies

Section IV: Testing and Maintaining Java EE Applications
Chapter 16: Testing Guidelines and Strategy
Chapter 17: Making Java EE Applications Supportable
Chapter 18: Finding Your Way When Technologies Change

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