Cognition and the Creative Machine

Cognition and the Creative Machine
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    Cognition and the Creative Machine: Cognitive AI for Creative Problem Solving
  • Author:
    Ana-Maria Oltețeanu
  • Edition:
    1st ed. 2020 Edition
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    May 24, 2020
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    296 pages
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Book Description
How would you assemble a machine that can be creative, what would its cogs be? Starting from how humans do creative problem solving, the author has developed a framework to explore whether a diverse set of creative problem-solving tasks can be solved computationally using a unified set of principles. In this book she describes the implementation of related prototype AI systems, and the computational and empirical experiments conducted.
The book will be of interest to researchers, graduate students, and laypeople engaged with ideas in artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and creativity.


1. Introduction

Part I - Rebraiding the Strands: Creativity and Problem Solving, Human and Computational
2. Creativity, Problem Solving and Insight
3. Knowledge Organization for Creative Problem Solving
4. Computational Creativity and Systems
5. Two Types of Evaluation: Human Creativity, Computational Creativity

Part II - One Ring to Creatively Solve Them All? In Search of a Unified Cognitive Framework
6. Gathering the Cogs of a Framework
7. CreaCogs – A Clockwork View of Creativity
8. The Cogs in Motion – Navigating the Knowledge in CreaCogs

Part III - Empirical and Computational Explorations
9. What Do Swiss, Cake and Cottage Have in Common? – Computational Explorations of the Remote Associates Test
10. What Could You Use This Object for? – Object Replacement and Object Composition in a Computational System, and the Alternative Uses Test
11. Daily Eurekas About Candles and Strings. Approaching Insight with Practical Insight Problems
12. The Journey Thus Far and the Journey Ahead

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