Designing Audio Effect Plugins in C++, 2nd Edition

Designing Audio Effect Plugins in C++, 2nd Edition

Book Description
Designing Audio Effect Plugins in C++ presents everything you need to know about digital signal processing in an accessible way. Not just another theory-heavy digital signal processing book, nor another dull build-a-generic-database programming book, this book includes fully worked, downloadable code for dozens of professional audio effect plugins and practically presented algorithms.
Sections include the basics of audio signal processing, the anatomy of a plugin, AAX, AU and VST3 programming guides; implementation details; and actual projects and code. More than 50 fully coded C++ audio signal-processing objects are included. Start with an intuitive and practical introduction to the digital signal processing (DSP) theory behind audio plug-ins, and quickly move on to plugin implementation, gain knowledge of algorithms on classical, virtual analog, and wave digital filters, delay, reverb, modulated effects, dynamics processing, pitch shifting, nonlinear processing, sample rate conversion and more. You will then be ready to design and implement your own unique plugins on any platform and within almost any host program.
This new edition is fully updated and improved and presents a plugin core that allows readers to move freely between application programming interfaces and platforms. Readers are expected to have some knowledge of C++ and high school math.


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Anatomy of an Audio Plugin
Chapter 3: VST3 Programming Guide
Chapter 4: AU Programming Guide
Chapter 5: AAX Native Programming Guide
Chapter 6: ASPiK Programming Guide
Chapter 7: Using RackAFX to Create ASPiK Projects
Chapter 8: C++ Conventions and How to Use This Book
Chapter 9: How DSP Filters Work (Without Complex Math)
Chapter 10: Basic DSP Theory
Chapter 11: Audio Filter Designs: IIR Filters
Chapter 12: Audio Filter Designs: Wave Digital and Virtual Analog
Chapter 13: Modulators: LFOs and Envelope Detectors
Chapter 14: Delay Effects and Circular Buffers
Chapter 15: Modulated Delay Effects
Chapter 16: Audio Filter Designs: FIR Filters
Chapter 17: Reverb Effects
Chapter 18: Dynamics Processing
Chapter 19: Nonlinear Processing: Distortion, Tube Simulation, and HF Exciters
Chapter 20: FFT Processing: The Phase Vocoder
Chapter 21: Displaying Custom Waveforms and FFTs
Chapter 22: Sample Rate Conversion

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