Decision Analytics Applications in Industry (Asset Analytics)

Decision Analytics Applications in Industry (Asset Analytics)
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    Decision Analytics Applications in Industry (Asset Analytics)
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    P. K. Kapur, Gurinder Singh, Yury S. Klochkov, Uday Kumar
  • Edition:
    1st ed. 2020 Edition
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    June 23, 2020
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    478 pages
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Book Description
This book presents a range of qualitative and quantitative analyses in areas such as cybersecurity, sustainability, multivariate analysis, customer satisfaction, parametric programming, software reliability growth modeling, and blockchain technology, to name but a few. It also highlights integrated methods and practices in the areas of machine learning and genetic algorithms. After discussing applications in supply chains and logistics, cloud computing, six sigma, production management, big data analysis, satellite imaging, game theory, biometric systems, quality, and system performance, the book examines the latest developments and breakthroughs in the field of science and technology, and provides novel problem-solving methods.
The themes discussed in the book link contributions by researchers and practitioners from different branches of engineering and management, and hailing from around the globe. These contributions provide scholars with a platform to derive maximum utility in the area of analytics by subscribing to the idea of managing business through system sciences, operations, and management. Managers and decision-makers can learn a great deal from the respective chapters, which will help them devise their own business strategies and find real-world solutions to complex industrial problems.


1. Application of Demand-Side Management Techniques for Sustainable Energy
2. Effect of Internal Customer Satisfaction Index on Revamping of ISO Implementation Structure in a R&D Organization
3. An Empirical Research on the Role of Cloud-Based HRIS & HRM Functions in Organizational Performance
4. Synchronization of UPFC in Active Distribution Systems
5. Study of FM/FM(FM)/1/L Queue with Server Startup Under Threshold N-Policy Using Parametric Non-linear Programming Method
6. NHPP-Based SRGM Using Time-Dependent Fault Reduction Factors (FRF) and Gompertz TEF
7. Implementation of Low-Carbon Logistics in Indian SMEs—A Statistical Study
8. A Game-Theoretic Model of Deceptive Ambush as Counter Measure for Habitat Selection in Cross-Border Infiltration
9. Can We Hold on To Our Heritage Monuments for Long? Relooking the Existing Challenges In Heritage Management Through “Alpha & Omega Yog Model of Mind” (Series-1)
10. Rendering Blockchain Immutability in Chatserver: A Node.js Approach
11. Comparative Study and Analysis of Various Facial Emotion Recognition Techniques
12. A Novel Block Hashing-Based Template Security Scheme for Multimodal Biometric System
13. Edge Computing in Smart Villages
14. Time Series Analysis: A Machine Learning Approach
15. A Study of the Effectiveness of Online Marketing Strategies of Packaged Health Food Brands w.r.t. Gender
16. A Proposal for Dual Data Selection Using Parallel Genetic Algorithm
17. Exploring Alternative Financial Route in the Form of Private Investor Capital: A Case Study of Gramiksha
18. Performance Analysis of Optimal Placement of Multiple DGs Using PSO
19. Cognitive Activities Help Delay Dementia in 60 Plus Population
20. Predicting the Fix Time of a Reported Bug using Radoop: A Big Data Approach
21. Measurement and Governance of Health of Information Technology Projects Through Use of Discriminant Analysis Technique
22. An S-Shaped Fault Detection and Correction SRGM Subject to Gamma-Distributed Random Field Environment and Release Time Optimization
23. Autoregressive Model for Multivariate Crime Prediction
24. Reliability and Profit Analysis of a Power Generating System with Effect of Ambient Temperature and Priority for Repair to the Gas Turbine over Steam Turbine on System Failure
25. Forces Driving a Trading Company Towards CSR: A Case Study of GCF
26. Automated Censoring of Cigarettes in Videos Using Deep Learning Techniques
27. Qualimetry in the Consumer Quality Assessment of Cars Class C
28. Algorithms for Managing the Sustainability of the Development of Production Systems in the Context of the Technological Level of Industries
29. Reliability Assessment of Multi-release Software System Under Imperfect Fault Removal Phenomenon
30. Understanding Guest Experience Using Online Reviews
31. e-Epidemic Model for the Analysis of Antidotal and Quarantine with Impact of Malicious Objects in Computer Network
32. Study of Identity-Based Encryption for Cloud Data Security
33. An Assessment of Research Process Management Software Usage in Indian Higher Education
34. Conical Conformal Antenna Array Using SIW Backed Feeding Technique for X Band Applications
35. Effect of Preservation Technology on Optimization of Two Warehouse Inventory Model for Deteriorating Items
36. Techniques of Test Case Prioritization
37. Condition Monitoring and Reliability Prediction of I&C Cables for Use in Probabilistic Safety Assessment of NPPs
38. Industry 4.0 Optimizing Logistics Processes and Supply Chain Management in Industries
39. Integrating Science of Six Sigma to the Art of Marketing
40. Quality of Maintenance Activity
41. Maintenance of Railway Infrastructure Using Cyber-Physical Systems
42. A Graph-Theoretic Analysis on Functional EEG Network in Igraph R

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