Advances in Management Research: Innovation and Technology

Advances in Management Research: Innovation and Technology
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    Advances in Management Research: Innovation and Technology
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    Avinash K. Shrivastava, Sudhir Rana, Amiya Kumar Mohapatra, Mangey Ram
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    1 edition
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    December 2, 2019
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    304 pages
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Book Description
This book covers advancements across business domains in knowledge and information management. It presents research trends in the fields of management, innovation, and technology, and is composed of research papers that show applications of IT, analytics, and business operations in industry and in educational institutions.
It offers a combination of scientific research methods and concepts, with contributions from globally renowned authors; presents various management domains from a number of countries for a global perspective; and provides a unique combination of topics and methods while giving insights on the management domain using a holistic approach.
The book provides scholars with a platform to derive maximum utility in the area of management, research, and technology by subscribing to the idea of managing business through performance and management technology.


Chapter 1. Impact of Credit Access on Economic Empowerment of Married Women in Ethiopia
Chapter 2. Relationship between Work–Life Balance and Job Satisfaction of Reception and Concierge Employees in Five-Star Hotels in Colombo
Chapter 3. The Evolution of Digital Platforms
Chapter 4. Impact of Exchange Rate Movements and World Output on Indian Exports
Chapter 5. Information and Communication Technology as a Contingent Factor in India’s Economic Growth–Remittances Nexus
Chapter 6. Effects of Capital Adequacy on Operational Efficiency of Banks: Evidence from Bangladesh
Chapter 7. Time and Frequency Analysis Using the ARMA Model: Evidence from the Indian Stock Market
Chapter 8. Behavioural Biases and Trading Volume: Empirical Evidence from the Indian Stock Market
Chapter 9. Leveraging Tacit Knowledge for Strategizing: Impact on Long-Term Performance
Chapter 10. Analysis of Investors’ Perceptions of Mutual Fund Investment in the Context of the Delhi/NCR Region
Chapter 11. Measuring Customer Brand Equity and Loyalty: A Study of Fuel Retail Outlets in Lucknow
Chapter 12. Random Walk Hypothesis: Evidence from the Top 10 Stock Exchanges Using the Variance Ratio Test
Chapter 13. Priority-Based Time Minimization Transportation Problem with Flow and Mixed Constraints
Chapter 14. ASEAN and India: Exploring the Progress and Prospects in Trade Relationship
Chapter 15. Impact of Internationalization on Financial Performance: A Study of Family and Non-Family Firms
Chapter 16. The Role of a Responsible Global Citizen (Gitizen) in the 21st Century
Chapter 17. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Networks and Their Contribution to Territorial Development
Chapter 18. Influence of Branding of Financial Instruments on Investment Decisions: Mediating Role of Behavioral Biases
Chapter 19. Proposed Model of Evaluating Entrepreneurial University Ecosystems from a Talent Development Perspective
Chapter 20. Research and Innovation in Teaching Pedagogy for Emerging Markets

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