Principles of Game Audio and Sound Design

Principles of Game Audio and Sound Design
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    Principles of Game Audio and Sound Design
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    Jean-Luc Sinclair
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    April 30, 2020
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    312 pages
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Book Description
Principles of Game Audio and Sound Design is a comprehensive introduction to the art of sound for games and interactive media using Unity. This accessible guide encompasses both the conceptual challenges of the artform as well as the technical and creative aspects, such as sound design, spatial audio, scripting, implementation and mixing.
Beginning with basic techniques, including linear and interactive sound design, before moving on to advanced techniques, such as procedural audio, Principles of Game Audio and Sound Design is supplemented by a host of digital resources, including a library of ready-to-use, adaptable scripts. This thorough introduction provides the reader with the skills and tools to combat the potential challenges of game audio independently.
Principles of Game Audio and Sound Design is the perfect primer for beginner- to intermediate-level readers with a basic understanding of audio production and Unity who want to learn how to gain a foothold in the exciting world of game and interactive audio.


1. Introduction
2. The Role of Audio in Interactive and Immersive Environments
3. The Game Engine Paradigm
4. The Audio Engine and Spatial Audio
5. Sound Design – The Art of Effectively Communicating With Sound
6. Practical Sound Design
7. Coding for Game Audio
8. Implementing Audio: Common Scenarios
9. Environmental Modeling
10. Procedural Audio: Beyond Samples
11. Adaptive Mixing
12. Audio Data Reduction

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